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Worlds Best Aurora Player! Mind Blowing Stats! Mobile Legends

Worlds Best Aurora Player! Mind Blowing Stats! Mobile Legends! So here you have a sick gameplay with the best aurora player in ML (you can also see her build) no1

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends Best player
Mobile Legends Aurora Player
Mobile Legends build

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  1. Tay David | | Reply

    Like me if you is layla user

  2. Ahdn Srnde | | Reply

    100% not the best aurora. just a boost with a help from a good teammate.

  3. Icy Blizzard | | Reply

    ID:54952141 (2089)
    SKIN:Dark Gent (Roger)
    Like, subscribe and also share (thank you)

  4. Michael Mai | | Reply

    "He or she is ice queen"

  5. aiko bata | | Reply


  6. NIGHT CR4WLER | | Reply

    u didnt talk about my fav hero u not talking about tigreal but at the gameplay he is verry usefull and carrying his team

  7. Sean Clarky | | Reply

    ID:76924012 (3219)
    Skin:Cyclops exorcist,Eudora Flame red lips,kagura Flower season,Gord hell Mage,
    Layla Green flash,Alucard Lone hero,Karrie Rising star(Just pick any,It's okay for me)

  8. Adi Stefan | | Reply

    Sadly i'm much better than her with only 70 matches with aurora and 70%win rate in solo ranked (curently epic V) but i don't have time or interest to be number 1 in tops. Add me ,Adonis, i don't have a squad only play for fun with my friends or alone. Aurora is the best mage- SUPPORT imo. Her only job is to FREEZE the enemy when NEEDED (one shot, why not;) ), and not die by poor positioning. (2.7 deaths/match in ranked) P.S. never take top players too seriously like this panda guy

  9. 《•KÏƏ•》 | | Reply

    I got 26/3/4 for Aurora… Why am I not best? 😂🔥

  10. Sarah Silviani | | Reply

    ign:atokkatadhkatal id:80570688

  11. Alyssa Mae | | Reply

    What should i buy aurora or vexana aaaaaaa

  12. على I'm تمام | | Reply

    Wkwkwk land

  13. ong khuanhwang | | Reply

    She/he is no 1 bcos of good teammates…nth special on her/he skills

  14. Jack Mathers | | Reply

    she boosted her stats

  15. Agus W | | Reply

    full build??

  16. IamMitchLynn Q | | Reply

    Auroras beyonce's walk lol

  17. Patrick Allen Reyes | | Reply

    what top rank player do is intentionally lose on different hero just to lower their rank. I've seen lot of player doing this kind of strategy just to boost the winning percentage of a hero. I once tried to look for the past results of top hayabusa player. he lowered his rank by losing a lot on a lolita.

  18. Andika Biaz | | Reply

    I click that likes to one thousand

  19. Babygt 2015 | | Reply

    Most of the TOP hero players are Singaporeans if you noticed

  20. Rictuz Grin | | Reply

    please your build please!

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