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Welcome to the WORST Tigreal guide!
When you’re in a hurry and you don’t care if a hero guide is good, then this Ultra Fast Speed Guide is just for YOU!

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Other WTFacts:

Spell Vamp + Bloodlust Axe –
Retribution –
Hilda ULT + Wind Chaser –
Stacking True Damage –
Resilience –
Stacking Shields –
Estes’ Heal –
Chou’s Crit –
Bloodlust Axe –
Deadly Blade –

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  1. ShinmenTakezo YT | | Reply

    crap. this ended up going over 3 minutes. I hope you guys don't mind. I'd love to keep talking about Tigreal but man, it won't be an UFSG if it takes too long lol

  2. NoodlesCat | | Reply

    tigreal passive still works when free hitting.

  3. Fatal Beauty | | Reply

    I love this series so much! Your sense of humor is extraordinary.

  4. Syahir Harun | | Reply

    haha you make all tank user inspired with those word but i wonder when did you got all the jokes i mean you not even laugh

  5. Suprememan | | Reply

    Love your videos with a comedic humor guides. Learning so much as a noob. Keep up the entertainment and thanks!

  6. Irun Mon | | Reply

    0:42 I think it's based on your true story

  7. Tails GamingNM | | Reply

    If tigreal alone his best friend was turrets

  8. Muhammad Mahmuddin | | Reply

    guide for hero sun

  9. budu budus | | Reply

    Fcking creativ

  10. Alexander Wolfgang | | Reply

    Now I can take pride in playing with tanks…..

  11. Team Stellar_Dream | | Reply

    I love it I love it I love it
    I am playing tigreal now
    Please make moar videos like this.

  12. Lagenda Wsk | | Reply

    Lmao haahaha

  13. Irfan Febriansyah | | Reply

    Ultra fast guide balmond please

  14. Mukunda Sinha | | Reply


  15. Marvin Casas | | Reply

    I just subscribed, this is hilarious! xD upload more great vids like this!

  16. ade wilyan | | Reply

    A brave man never hide in the bush……


  17. Bryan Boyd El J.Alexander El Hasting | | Reply

    Cool i am ready to be tank pro

  18. SF CR Gaming | | Reply

    boku no hero ΓΈst wow

  19. ThatLostGuy | | Reply

    Loved this video!! You sir have gotten a sub 😊

  20. rodney marius | | Reply

    funny haha btw what name the last song? tq.😊

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