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DAMNNN Tigreal has been nerfed and everyone feels like he isn’t good enough ! Not true guys ! Check this MVP gameplay and u’ll see why !

I play on PC using Memu, check the video that explains how here (video from November 2016) :

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Intro : Panzoid, Song : La Bicicleta – Shakira
Outro : shweebz
Songs :
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  1. Nikola Glasnovic | | Reply

    You are croatian

  2. chester peregrino | | Reply

    HahHhAhah tang ina mo is actually a bad word

  3. haris prasetyo | | Reply


  4. Muhammad Luqman | | Reply

    I can use Tigreal well, I don't think so that he was nerf 😂

  5. Dumblonde s | | Reply

    Take petrify I've tested flicker vs petrify and I think the extra stun helps so much more than flickering behind them and pushing them into ally team

  6. Skillz FTW | | Reply

    U kojem gradu zivis

  7. Aileen Song | | Reply

    People said tigreal is one of the best tanks. bull shit. Tigreal's mindset is literally: "oh no, I am dying and I am tank and I must live for my teammates therefore I hide behind people instead." "oh wait mage seems like the best person to hide behind because they deal damage". ends up 9 death some assissts of course no kill. oh yea adds 5 extra death to mages. and also you should be happy if you see a tigreal on the enemy team. Have you ever heard of the red truck? If you have life steal build, go to tigreal. he donates you blood amount of at least like billion dollars. what more? he brings teammates for you to kill because you got full health from him! yey

  8. Marc Jhamir Villasan | | Reply

    pogi means handsome not tangina mo its bad word 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Marc Jhamir Villasan | | Reply

    lol tanginamo means f*ck you

  10. Eduardo Rafain | | Reply

    guys help me plz , what is TANK WITH MR ? when have mage in the game ? and Hybrid when í use this build ? thanks

  11. sorara kouhai | | Reply

    meh if i save other people and die they will say i am noob tank fuck it

  12. Nrs Rahman | | Reply

    Love You Bro

  13. Jae Ezzra Martinez | | Reply

    helo. are u using tank emblem?

  14. Steal Yo meme | | Reply

    Very helpful thanks <3

  15. zonix | | Reply

    hahaha it's not the meaning of #TanginaMo

  16. Eko Hendra | | Reply

    Name : Shadow Drive
    ID : 24651739
    Level : 30
    Skin : Chou
    Thx Gemix

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