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Starting in Lolita GUIDE + TIPS!

Please read!
Hey guys! I have been asked a ton of questions of how to get started Lolita and where to buy. Thats hwy i decided to make this video. Before you watch i want to let you guys know that i don’t know absolutely everything about lolita nor am i a lolita expert. I believe i have a good amount of knowledge about lolita and wanted to share the information i know with you guys. I am always learning knew things but i think i know enough to try and help people who are just starting.
I hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Zoey Juilen | | Reply

    I'm interested in Lolita styles so here's my question: Is there like a specific type of music that Lolita culture consider taboo or type of music your required to listen to

  2. GhostHuntress100 | | Reply

    I really, really would like to join this fashion, but unfortunately I have hereditary oily skin, and I sweat-out the makeup I put on in 5 mins :/

  3. Sussurro do Ar | | Reply

    Hello! Someone "stole" your video. : User Alexandra Turner and changed the title to "Tips for Starting Lolita" – I found this because the uggestions from YouTube in the main page

  4. Melon_s | | Reply

    I just noticed, that Lolita's never really go over the top with makeup, they just put enough so it fits and draws more attention to the actual coord 🙂 Also, I love how the purple bow brings out your eyeshadow. It's so lovely!

  5. Noble Trees | | Reply

    Should you get wigs from bodyline?

  6. Lolitastic | | Reply

    do you go into public dressed like that?

  7. AreusBookworm | | Reply

    You can get prescription circle lenses on sites like honeycolour and pinkyparadise. I have HORRIBLE vision and astigmatism but own about a dozen or so circle lenses that I wear with lolita and cosplay. They always add that little bit extra to an outfit that I love. If you're interested you should definately check it out!

  8. Pug stalkers Tv | | Reply

    I shop with lolitadesu but am starting to move to angelic pretty uk

  9. BonnSpringBunn87 _ | | Reply

    Is lolitadressshop trustable?

  10. Kaitlyn Moore | | Reply

    The background music sounds so much like the fullmetal alcehmist brotherhood first theme song!!!

  11. Toria | | Reply

    I want to buy lolita but the problem is with the shoes, I have size 13 womens shoes and I cannot find any lolita shoes that will fit me. I can't find my shoe size in a store, let alone asian website for tiny footed people. I know I won't be able to make a coord without shoes.

  12. Karen Lopez | | Reply

    what are some tips for a charater inspired coord

  13. Patientin13 | | Reply

    Omg, thank you so much. Lolita Desu is so awesome. I was searching for so long for a website, that sells lolita fashion and even ships to germany. Love them.

  14. xplson | | Reply

    I've decided to take the leap and become a lolita. Or Brolita to be exact. Always wanted to but never had the balls heh. Your video was super helpful!! Thank you!

  15. Miu-chan :3 | | Reply

    Your tips were very helpful! ^-^
    But you said the dresses from that shop called Milanoo had a horrible quality… well, I think it has become better, because a friend of mine has a dress which she got from that shop, and the quality is actually really good. I thought I should let you know ^^
    (Sorry if my english is bad, I'm from Germany)

  16. Princess Koko | | Reply

    Me Likes Tea petticoats are awesome 😎

  17. Princess Koko | | Reply

    Spreepicky also has some nice things on their website. Especially shoes 👠

  18. Elingebeth | | Reply

    Some taobao stores does Custom made! I'm a plus size and CM has been soo helpful for me! ^_^

  19. Princess Koko | | Reply

    Sweet addiction store on Facebook has lovely things for ALL SIZE Lolita

  20. bunnyhugger410 Semi hiatus | | Reply

    For me, I would wear classic or sweet.
    There are literally 2 makeup brands I can wear.
    And again, these rules are more like guidelines. XD

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