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Spell Vamp Guide – MVP Build – Alice Gameplay | Mobile Legends

Spell Vamp Guide – MVP Build – Alice Gameplay | Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends – Alice Gameplay

Spell Vamp Guide – Alice
Alice is an average Mage type with pretty basic stats. She’s well used against heroes if she’s grouped with another team mate. Keep in mind that she is one of the slowest heroes in the game. Both her movement speed and attack speed are very slow. To compensate with this disadvantage, she has the highest mana bar compared to all the heroes.
Blood Ancestry – when a nearby minion dies, a blood orb will generate. Absorbing blood orb will permanently increase maximum HP by 6.
Flowing Blood – Shoots a blob of blood in a specified direction, dealing 260 magic damage to the enemy. Afterwards the hero can use this ability to instantly teleport to wherever the ball of blood is. 6 seconds cooldown. 90 mana cost.
Blood Awe – Deals 310 magic damage to surrounding enemies and stuns them for 1 second. After being stunned, the enemy will be slowed down for 1.5 seconds. 7 seconds cooldown. 120 mana cost.
Blood Ode – For the next 4 seconds, the blood princess will be in blood-drinking mode, dealing 80 magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 second and regenerating 50% of damage as HP for herself. 40 seconds cooldown. 135 mana cost.
1.Concentraded Energy: +70 Magic Power, +700 HP, Unique: +25 % Spell Vamp.
2.Guardian Relic: +90 Magic Power, Unique: +25% Magic Power, Unique Passive – Exterminate: After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3s with built-in cooldown time of 10s.
3.Arcane Boots: +15 Magic Penetration, Unique: +40 Movement Speed.
4.Flame of Fury: +75 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, +15 Magic Penetration, Unique Passive-Scorch:Burns the target for 3s when the skills hit, dealing 2%/2.5%/3% of the target’s current HP as magic damage,At least 10pts.
5.Blood Wings: +150 Magic Power, Unique Passive-Covenant:Adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.
6.Oracle: +850 HP, +36 Magic Resistance, +35 HP Regen, +10% Cooldown Reduction , Unique Passive-Scream: Within 4s after being attaced, the hero will regen 4% HP. This effect has a 8s cooldown time.
Strategy Guide:
Alice snowball really hard, due to her passive skill which gives her power based on the number of minions she kills. Even if you get tilted in early game, don’t panic and get as many last hits as possible to get higher HP. This is the reason why Alice doesn’t need any defense items, and instead you go for full burst because of her passive. You also need to increase her magic power so you can rely on her passive for defense mechanism. Finding the right sequence of attack is crucial, but players are advised to use Flowing Blood first. Following that, Blood Ode should be utilized, and then finally, Blood Awe when enemy HP is at a low. Repeating this order will make the most out of her powers.

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