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Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus – Everything You Need To Know | WoW Patch Guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus. I go over the new content and the changes to existing content that you’ll see as we take the fight to the Legion and put an end to their Burning Crusade once and for all. Patch 7.3 comes out with maintenance the week of August 29th.

Some highlights include:
3 new zones on Argus
New dungeon and raid
Netherlight Crucible artifact progression
Updated caster animations

Useful links:
Class Changes:
Tier 21 Sets:
Profession Updates:
Official Patch Notes:

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  1. Jim | | Reply

    Well done! All aboard the Argus Hype Train!

  2. World Gaming | | Reply

    Dang I gotta hop back in and get to 110 so I can fuck up the legion

  3. Tool Man | | Reply

    Thanks for the help… it worked!!!

  4. Tool Man | | Reply

    Well, you had me at "all I need to know" however, I still need help! I logged into my main and got the quest to go to the boat in my main capital city. Perfect! On all my alts I don't get the initial quest to go to the boat. So, I just flew to the boat anyways. The boat was not there. Great! WTF can't get Argus on any of my alts. Is there a pre quest you need to do? Please help!

  5. BansaiiBerserker | | Reply

    Thank you for helping out a filthy casual like myself, came back to wow to see my old friends Alleria and Turalyon at long last.

  6. Ducky1521 | | Reply

    Invasions / Greater Invasions = Easy as fuck. World Bosses = Join a group with Quest Finder and AFK… Why in the fuck does it drop HIGHER ILVL gear than the Actual Dungeon where you actually have to play and do mechanics?

  7. Ðevlin | | Reply

    Thnx alot for again a solid basic info video, hope your channel keeps growing like it does

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