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Paragon V42 | Aurora Build Guide

Paragon V42 | Aurora Build Guide
G’day you beautiful people! Today I have a Paragon V42 build guide for Aurora.
Thanks for watching!

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  1. Jules G | | Reply

    Hey man awesome guide, do you think Aurora can be played mid?
    I'm a 6k Dota player that recently picked up Paragon lately and it's super fun, would you be up for a party game some time and give me some tips and tricks? I'm a fast learner and Aussie too!:)

  2. Hunter Monk | | Reply

    is that other deck named felix after the Gotrek and Felix novels :D?

  3. Shadowcreeed14 | | Reply

    Hey brother Is this jungle Build or Carry build

  4. Mex tase | | Reply

    i like grwoth and death 🙂 vitality tankyness + withering shadow wave clear & dmg is super nice 😀

  5. Vinícius Leão Laporte | | Reply

    You dont like to do a damage ability? I use this card with shadow dancer and i have kda 16.0 on math …

  6. Sebastian Kegler | | Reply

    Good evening. I will try this build for sure cause it is something new and reminds and not one of these typical meta builds… one problem I am missing 50 % of the gems

  7. Jon_ oVo | | Reply

    Would she be better as Ability damage or basic attacks ?

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