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Paragon V42 | Aurora Build Guide

G’day you beautiful people! Today I have a Paragon V42 build guide for Aurora.
Thanks for watching!

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  1. Kawaii Potato | | Reply

    This build is far too expensive I find myself still with beginner items at level 12 and can’t afford to finish the build

  2. Saad Al Bloushi | | Reply

    You are confusing and not helping.

  3. The Wifestealer | | Reply

    If the aim is to hit your ultimate, could you run Knowledge and get Astral Leap?

  4. breezyGQ | | Reply

    One of the tribe with aurora and shadow dancer gives huge boost in damage when in team fights, then I add either wound seeker or vampiric blade, at times I feel like being a tank then I would pick up unbroken spirit instead and switch out shadow dancer with plague Mallenk

  5. Charlie Kennedy | | Reply

    Cool deck guide! Subscribed

  6. Sunny nightz | | Reply

    I'm kinda confused in the order of the build !

  7. AiworoG | | Reply

    Since watching this I’ve been getting over 10 kills per game with the Death and Chaos build. Thank you 😁

  8. leon lacroix | | Reply

    Juss sayin I want that art of the nimbing rogue as a alternet skin for countess…

  9. By_ViNiBR | | Reply

    Gimme the thumbnail pls

  10. Sakuness Tv | | Reply

    Make a agora guide?

  11. Scrufy Nerfherdr | | Reply

    Ive made a Knowledge and Death deck for Aurora. Using cards geared more towards Ability Damage and Leveling up faster to get her Ult unlocked faster and deal more damage with it and have better damage overall, just wanted to see if you would agree

  12. Demon_Trollz | | Reply

    I came to the conclusion that Profiter isn't that helpful as it seems. Not only is it combustible, but to actually make good profit off of it you need to kill a minimum of 40 minions to make all of that back and then start profiting. You would literally have to last hit every minion in the beginning to make up for the gold spent.

    Solution? reduce the cost of this card by at least 400 gold.

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