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Mobile Legends: Odette Gameplay and Guide, Ranked Epic Comeback! Skin Giveaway!

Mobile Legends: Odette, the Swan Princess -Ranked Live Gameplay- [Grandmaster IV] KDA: 7-4-15 Build: Enchanted Talisman – Magic Shoes – Concentrated Energy – Ice Queen Wand – Lightning Truncheon – Blood Wings + Flicker Battle Spell + Magic Emblem —————————————————————————————————- Like my Facebook page: Follow me on Twitter:

Mobile Legends How to use LapuLapu best build guide SOLO CARRY?! + Giveaway

This is how I got my gems, just click the link then download it if you will click the link you will have free 6700 points so you can convert it to dollars and gems LINTANG KSATRIYAS CHANNEL 1000 Subscribers! September 13, 2016 6:50pm Donate a lil bit?