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Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends Layla Guide with Commentary, Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay

Layla is probably one of the most controversial markswoman out there due to her low mobility and high damage. In this In-Depth Layla guide using this Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay, you will learn in what situation do you actually pick Layla and how to DOMINATE the battlefield! Mobile Legends.

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  1. XP3RT P3RX | | Reply

    Half of these items have either been reworked or renamed ._.


  2. Mobile Legend Gameplay's | | Reply

    nice gameplay bro!! you can see my channel to see layla in action

  3. Wonufo | | Reply

    I think Eudora is more squishy than layla lol

  4. Deepak Shukla | | Reply

    Fantastic video; genuinely like it. Looking forward to viewing some more 🙂

  5. Hardini 2599 | | Reply

    jungle emblem lvl? mine lvl 24 :'(

  6. Ananta Florian | | Reply

    Why jungle emblem instead of physical emblem?? Physical gives more atk dmg right?

  7. flopsy3333 | | Reply

    why tank emblem?

  8. Fadhil Alfarizy | | Reply

    her passive is what makes her stronger than any other marksman

  9. Nicole Lumba | | Reply

    I've been waiting for this!!! Thanks, Dave 🙂

  10. FlawlessKing | | Reply

    How those guys have colored names?😮 (not the squad)

  11. Iodized Tymmss | | Reply

    dude can remove the black bezels?

  12. Iodized Tymmss | | Reply

    Why your screen size is bigger i mean the map that you see is bigger than mine, what device u using?

  13. noemi czarimave | | Reply

    i like miya tips

  14. Kengne Isaac | | Reply

    Dave i think karina needs new guide because she's nerf, i thought her first skill still immune to tower but it's not anymore..

  15. Sara Lee | | Reply

    thank you for this tips ^^

  16. Fareez Fyrah | | Reply

    great guide.. could u do one for alpha

  17. Aoki Yushifumi | | Reply

    do a tank guide. any tank would work

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