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Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends Hayabusa Season 4 Guide with Commentary, Glorious Legend Ranked

Most In-Depth Guide on how to use Hayabusa in season 4 with the most updated item builds and skill sequence explanation using Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay.
Table of Content:
Intro: 0:00
Skill BreakDown: 1:33
Battle Spell, Emblem, Item: 7:01
Mechanic, Combos: 10:38

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  1. Mohammed 8BP | | Reply

    Thank you😊😋😍😘❤💖

  2. Belnardo Castelo | | Reply

    How do you control his ULT? He always tends to change his target from heroes to hords of minions who are very annoying.

  3. Ethan Ninja Hunt | | Reply

    Sad after nerf

  4. sugar ray salvan | | Reply

    dave can you give me a spacetime shadow skin? I like this skin, but i dont have one. Thank you
    ID: 104302825

  5. jhimuel sesno | | Reply

    Hello your moves is so amazing
    i like it im in the philippines
    sorry for the bad english im not expert later plsss give me a skin spacetime hayabusa not now because im gonna buy cellphone next time thank you

  6. Mell P | | Reply

    ID: 39429775 (3208)
    IGN: Shadow14
    Skin: Future Enforcer Hayabusa
    (Subscribed and Liked)

  7. Manuel De Leon | | Reply

    Hi Dave, where's your video that says hayabusa has been nerfed? I also played hayabusa but after the latest update, i noticed i was walking away from clash no more teleport, please show us a video that hayabusa is already nerfed if not show us how to counter the new hayabusa, thanks.

  8. Youcef Kyrie | | Reply

    lol naruto song to hayabusa

  9. Serox Mirusaki | | Reply

    The 5th item in the item build dosent appear did they change the name or removed it?

  10. SkyCowz04 | | Reply

    Ggwp dave! Best hayabusa i have seen!😂😁😁

  11. Lester Lavilla | | Reply

    How do you make your screen bigger? Your screen's view can see farther, just like when you're watching a replay. Is that because you're using a tablet to play?

  12. Christian Co | | Reply

    Hi ass dave! What is your thoughts about people using thunder belt on Hayabusa. Will it be a good item on him? Thanks!

  13. Bilal Najjar | | Reply

    I'll buy him next, I got a trial card yesterday and I start to like him so much 😎

  14. Ethan Ninja Hunt | | Reply

    my physical assassin set is 15 ,but physical emblem set is 47 which should I use?

  15. ferdynand2402 | | Reply

    best guide maker

  16. Zern Teo | | Reply

    Also, it's possible to make Yun zhao lock on to you and then teleport back to your tower for an easy kill

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