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Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends Estes Guide with Commentary, Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay

Healing people sometimes is much more enjoyable than killing people. Looks like we all have a small sense of kindness within us. Please enjoy this Most In-Depth Guide featuring Estes, the Moon Elf King using this Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay footage.

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  1. Alex Lee | | Reply

    Hello Ass_Dave, another great video!!

    I have seen many build guide for Estes.

    I use Estes quite a lot, and for those who also love using Estes.

    Can any MOBA expert or Estes pro player, PLEASE PLEASE help me to answer:

    +Magic Power v.s +HP

    Does +MagicPower has impact on Estes healing skill (HP regen amount or duration of healing)?
    How much +MagicPower does Estes need?
    Must we always combine Dominance Ice with Ice Queen Wand?

    How many gears we should choose for +Magic Power and +HP?

    I need to end my curiosity 🙂

    Thanks MOBA players..

  2. Joe Steele | | Reply

    I think they removed that last item in the build. Do you have an updated build?

  3. iqbal ilyas | | Reply

    very cool

  4. 潘志伟 | | Reply

    what is the counter strategy to Estes ? I mean when we don't have healer, the other team has, because of the Estes we can't win the team fight.

  5. Faiz Hasnul | | Reply

    Do yun zhao in-depth guide please …

  6. Kevin Char | | Reply

    erm i found using flicker is better, estes can't afford to die in team fight.
    i have a different build than this, the order is: enchanted talisman, magic shoes, calamity reaper, glowing wand, windtalker, devil tears. You can use and try it out, let me know how is it.
    if you flicker well, you can really avoiding dying, like flicker to bush, flicker back to behind team.

  7. Jillianne Udan | | Reply

    Hi dave thanks for the guide! Really like your vids! :—)

  8. Dịu Trịnh | | Reply

    I love to play estes, but I need to match a good team 🙁

  9. DetherSpazzum | | Reply

    Wow, this really is THE BEST guide out there at the moment for Estes. Thank you so much for describing how his skills work together, especially how the ult makes his heal refresh immediately. Somehow I hadn't correlated the two working that way and have been confused about that, reading the skill wasn't helping me either. The language barrier in this game is only slight but for some things it really helps to have it explained in a video, I really appreciate your channel Dave 🙂

    I'm curious, which items in this build changed with the most recent update?

  10. Dia Lee Bi | | Reply

    "Ulol, bobo mo" haha yan nakakainis sa pinoy e. ahaha skwater maglaro e haha.

  11. Timothy W | | Reply

    take a selfie with Linaa, and post it on instagram, and let us see both your faces

  12. Joshua Belleca | | Reply

    I'd like to use flicker for my battle spell for instant repositioning and sometimes to confuse the enemy team when focus fire is on me. Is this ok?

  13. Rino Romeo | | Reply

    subbed 🙂

  14. Zhenni Chen | | Reply

    Very thorough guide, thanks Dave!

  15. jason bacason | | Reply

    a very nice guide!!! can you do one for Hilda as well, thanks Dave!!! oh forgot a suggestion can you add a more lively gameplay music

  16. Wraith | | Reply

    Thx for the guides im practicing estes and pls cane you give me his skin pls

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