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Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends Cyclops Guide with Commentary – Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay

“Pokemon” Go? “Pokemon” GO! Please enjoy the Most In-Depth Guide series featuring Cyclops the “Pokemon” using Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay footage. Mobile Legends.

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  1. yes no | | Reply

    Weird build. I would go for (In this order):

    Clock of Destiny
    Arcane Boots
    Concentrated Energy
    Lightning Truncheon
    Devil Tears
    Blood Wings

    Sure this build doesn't supply much mana regen, but it does supply a truckload of burst. Of course, I do use cyclops as somewhat of an assassin, but as always awesome gameplay Dave!

  2. Oshony | | Reply

    Cyclops is way overhyped rn as well as aurora, he has low burst potential cuz one round of his skills doesn't kill most heroes in one round

  3. fastlater | | Reply

    Omg. 2000 game and ur videos made me feel like newbie. I will change my gear thanks to u

  4. Master of Minecraft | | Reply

    thank you for your tips that 's why I became good at cyclops

  5. Nilez Saint | | Reply

    If your roamer emblem is high, 30+ or 40+, use that.
    ability: I play him a bit too aggressive, purify helps against all those disables. Yun flips me into turret, use purify and run away. Franco hooks, purify. saber/alpha/Eudora disables.. Natalia smoke..
    flicker is not so good on him as after flickering, if you were slowed prior, you'll still be slowed.
    Try to get the blue buff at start, around lvl 3+ so you spam a lot more.

  6. Estes Moon Elf King | | Reply

    Who's dat pokemon??!!

  7. Wizly Grizzly | | Reply

    I have a question. Did he get Nerfed?

  8. MEEPOO | | Reply

    I subscribe and hope you subscribe me back

  9. Dani Metal | | Reply

    hey Dave can nana or someone cancel his ult? like how akai's or gord's gets cancelled?

  10. hotaru hisashi | | Reply

    tips and tricks for tigreal

  11. What The Fak | | Reply

    Why is there a black border? It feels like I'm watching a video that was uploaded years ago. Good tips tho.

  12. Wildcard MLBB | | Reply

    Uhm dave at the moment i build him with full damage with spellvamp. he deals a lot of damage and can 1 combo delete squishies too like eudora and gord but its a bit more risky because he needs to get close for his 2nd to damage the target. but i'll try this. i mean every build you make is awesome so why not try this too 😁

  13. Dwayne Francis | | Reply

    u havent done alpha yet

  14. ALDOS GAMING!!! | | Reply

    Do Another Livestream Dave

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