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Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends Chou Guide with Commentary – Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay

Wanna learn some Kunfu skills from the Kungfu master himself? Please enjoy this Most In-Depth Guide series featuring Chou, where we will go over playstyle, item build, combos and all those good stuff in this Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay.

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  1. mohsin fury | | Reply

    im chou lik

  2. jasmin blay | | Reply

    hellow -_)

  3. monilla cedricklance | | Reply

    I always watch Ass Dave Videos And I also liked, subscribed and ring notif but I haven't ask for skin like others because i know i dont have a chance

  4. Faradian wibowo | | Reply

    My id:69647000(2129)
    Nickname:d!@n hacker
    Playing angker mobile legends with me

  5. Ifan Nuge | | Reply

    How to succeed my ulti chou always fail help please !!!

  6. Roberto De La Rosa | | Reply

    Chou = Chinese KungFu

  7. Hybird King | | Reply

    What's his build tho?

  8. Justin A | | Reply

    Hey Dave should I take Chou in a Soloq?

  9. Ayano 샤이니 사랑해! | | Reply

    Chou is the most annoying hero for me -3-

  10. MUKUL MOLAK | | Reply

    that's called guide good job Dave,I recently started playing Chou he's really fun to play.i m still struggling with hayabusa shadow casting but wanna learn him too.

  11. DabSavage 911 | | Reply

    6:356:42, that poor franco couldn't even move! xDDDD

  12. Zoom Hero | | Reply

    man to play chou u need good ping… lag would kill ur game

  13. EYR4H _78 | | Reply

    thanks for this video!i die a lot when playing chou character 👏👏👏😊😊

  14. Ikmal Jr | | Reply

    cc ?

  15. Daniel Aclan | | Reply

    Thank you dave for this it actually helped be better at him i had 43% win rate now 60% win rate

  16. Markez Singltary | | Reply

    im so lucky to got op character as first purchase. i even have fun as a lone wolf in the game.ahahahahaha!🐺👌

  17. Jake Vidad | | Reply

    uhm u say lets go into the build but dont put it up

  18. Christopher Conner | | Reply

    He Seems too hard to play

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