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Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends AliceGuide with Commentary, Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay.

After Patch 74, Alicehas truly released her power of blood sucking abilities! Watch this Most In-Depth Guide now featuring Aliceto learn how to manipulate this sexy demon properly in Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay. Mobile Legends.

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  1. Nicolaevna Morthel | | Reply

    I'm sorry, I'm really interested in learning stuff witch Alice but your voice or the way you talk is annoying/ irritating xD

  2. Surya Tan | | Reply

    Inuyasha soundtrack

  3. Rúbia de Cássia Vieira | | Reply

    inuyasha ost ♥

  4. Michael Koerli | | Reply

    I'm an alice main… but I don't play mobile legends too often. I have a question. Does concentrated energy's spell vamp passive stack? It'll be cool to have 4 of them and have 100% damage converted to health 🙂

  5. RazeQ Riza | | Reply

    hi dave! alice user here 😀 do u think it is better to build magic item on alice or build tank item for teamplay? and do u only pick alice when there is another tank in team or no? thank u dave your tips are awesome!

  6. Thaniele Lontoc | | Reply

    can you do one for tigreal? thanks

  7. MoonShadow_CatBlood /Zosh Grey | | Reply


  8. cuk cuk Bon cuk | | Reply

    I am an Alice main (rank: epic 3, because i dont play ranked often this season) and i kinda liked your "blood collecting" strategy&build. I'm sure it would make it easier to roam and stack blood but i guess you forgot something: Alice's Q (1st ability). Use it once between each lane while roaming and you will have travelled between lanes as fast as if you had the swift boots. The only flaw in this strategy is, you could get cucked by "saber-karina scumbag combo" which is almost impossible if you're a careful person.

    Mana is not a big deal for me because i build at least 2 mana items (the first item you build and the enchanted talisman are "must buy" items for their INSANE sustain). I always get at least 30% CDR because it's OP on Alice.

    For boots, i go Magic Penetration Boots if they do not have like 3 or more auto attack based champions(armor boots) or heavy cc team with at least 2mages(magic resist boots) or we are "losing". (I have been building CDR boots with enchanted talisman, for 50~games, until i realised how OP magic pen boots are.)

    I always get at least 30 flat magic pen (boots + mask) or the item that gives % magic pen. If i buy the % magic pen item, i change my boots with swift ones or armor/magic resist ones for extra effectiveness.

    My current build is: (i dont really know the names of items so i will use the names of similar items in league of legends, for example: morellonomikon for enchanted talisman)
    1- rod of ages (hp mana ap and godly early game sustain)
    2- magic pen boots (may change, depending on the enemy team)
    3- enchanted talisman
    4- [i generally build a tanky item as forth] Frozen Heart (if they have a scaled adc or at least 2 ad champions, which means i literally always build this item. Because its really op.)
    or Spirit Visage= "%10CDR + 36 mr + hp regen +hp regen passive" if they have at least 2 mages with high burst (eudora, karina, gord). I dont buy this of the enemy mage/mages are good players.
    5- Mask (ap + ms + magic pen + magic dot passive)
    TIP: If im doing well and i think it's okay to build more damage, i buy the 1020 gold item that gives ap + ms + magic pen as forth –> build the tanky item that i usually buy forth as fifth –> finish the mask. This way you will have a HUGE power spike since flat magic pen is OP against enemies that havent built magic resist.
    6- "90ap + bonus %25ap item" or "3000 gold 150ap item" or Magic Vamp item (700hp 70ap %25 magic vamp) or Immortality if i think my damage is fine and i really need it (usually buy this when i lack mr cuz it is not a very good item for Alice unless the game has been running for +20 minutes)

    My second build is like this (i do this against 2/+2 tank teams)
    1- The main item (hp, mana, ap, godly early game sustain)
    2- %90 of the time: any boots but magic pen ones. Depends on enemy team. (swift / armor / mr boots)
    3- enchanted talisman
    4- A tanky item: Frozen heart/spirit visage/magic vamp OR the % magic pen item.
    5- one of the two items which i havent bought as forth (the tanky item or magic pen)
    6- (same as the first build)

    My third build (Not "my" build. Saw this from Invincable, the number one Alice player) (use it only if you are playing as 5 premades, i mean, in games that you can trust your team and leave some of the work to them and take the job dealing lots of damage in no time)
    1- The same item
    2- Magic pen boots if you're doing well or Armor/magic resist ones (i prefer the armor boots for low price and protection)
    3- enchanted talisman
    4- "%20cdr + ap + magic regen + op passive" item
    5- A heavy ap item "90 ap + %25 bonus ap item" or "3000 gold 150ap item" OR %magic pen item
    6- One of the two items which you havent bought as fifth OR immortality if you are fine.

    Note: Do not Build "Ice"on Alice. its almost completely useless and you can fill that item slot with a one of the many other good options.

    Spell: I always used Purify because Alice's ult could be easily interrupted and i would jump into five men team if they were under crowd control or they sticked together and when my team is close to me.
    Since the last patch, i guess it's okay to go Flicker or maybe Stun.

    Emblem Set: Magic or Magic ASSassin (use it if it's at least lvl 20)

    You have shown pretty much every moves/most of the moves in this video so there is not much to mention about that. But you shouldnt forgot the W (2nd ability) is no longer a stun, a root, which means you can not run away with low hp as you used to do. What im saying is: you could throw Q away and press W inbetween the while it travells and then teleport to your Q, to succesfully run from almost every champion. Since they have changed it to root, this is not very possible.

    Can you please make another video of Alice gameplay where you and your team have succesful wombo comboes so that people see Alice's actual power and learn that it's a team fight champion, not a single targetter champion ? (overpowered against multiple targets, not single)
    There are lots of people who arent aware of that 🙁 I have lost a couple games bcuz of this.

    My im game name: LoL in 2016 lul
    My Alice stats: ~220 games – 75,5 win rate (would be way higher if i played with a team instead of solo/duo in ranked)
    Region: Turkey

  9. Dust Bin | | Reply

    Great Video, good tips

  10. zinplay | | Reply

    dave ur channel now so famous in malaysia xD after the "big drama" hahah

  11. feo tsuki | | Reply

    i thought I was one of the only one who mains and plays alice
    Nice video(: hopefully more people will see her potential . (I even have the magican menthor skin and i'm so happy about that:D)

  12. Axel | | Reply

    Well explained guide! Thumbs up!

  13. Yvonne Rivera | | Reply

    Alice user here.Thanks for the tips. very useful strategy.

  14. Seto Mulyadi | | Reply

    Slutty vampire ?

  15. LAL FAN | | Reply


  16. Luraz Akmar | | Reply

    i love alice. even after the buff, she become a lot better. thanks to your guide. now i know that her ult dont work on lord…hehe. ive been using it to lord. no wonder it is not

  17. Shadow of the Wolf | | Reply

    HOW you didn't add the "concentrated energy" item in the build?! It fits very well to alice's ult!!!
    Edit: concentrated energy is that item that gives u +70 magic power +700 hp, and +25% spell vamp (it is like lifesteal but on skills)

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