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Most In-Depth Guide: Mobile Legends Akai 12/2/11 Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay with Commentary

Amazing Kungfu Panda Akai Legend Ranked Gameplay with Commentary. Mobile Legends.

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  1. KOF Orochi | | Reply

    List of equipment ?

  2. Jiunn Yuan Chan | | Reply

    You played like u had 200ms ping

  3. Tim Hore | | Reply

    hey Dave I'm your big fan,can u make Ruby gameplay?

  4. Mr.Nobody x | | Reply

    i hate akai ult,sometimes it pushes enemy to the point that you cannot chase it anymore,

  5. Yi Sunshin | | Reply

    I LOVE AKAI!!!
    I am in the Philippines too
    I subscribed….

  6. Miza ML | | Reply

    Your build is awesome and it's working!! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  7. /-LpHA mAiN | | Reply

    ive got 32 k BP can u suggest which 32k hero to buy?

  8. Larry Vasquez | | Reply

    That huge damage bug is because the enemy use purify when they're stuck on the wall.

  9. Nejdet Gökdemir | | Reply

    Good video. I subbed. Btw that bug while you were using your ultimate happened while I was using my ulti, too. I immediately killed clint with my ulti. I do not know how that happened but it is certainly a bug. And another bug is his jump skill. Its range does not get bigger even if you max it. I think jump bug will be fixed in the next patch. And I hope they fix ulti bug as I do not want people to report me for hacking.

  10. Kecik Domon | | Reply

    i hate akai has been nerf….short jump only…why they nerf akai…his just a tank not fighter or markman have lots of damage

  11. HCnod Zero | | Reply

    I subbed you because this video. I always though Akai wasn't good as a Tank but he is best a carry. Amazing, now I can play this cute thing. hahahaha.
    Just asking why not pick magic boots instead? It +40 movement and also reduce the cooldown aswell

  12. Philip Robert Jaramillo | | Reply

    Awesome video, man!I've been using Akai myself but still having difficulty getting people stuck on the wall. They seem to bounce off the wall when I do it and escape.

  13. Otniel Thamrin | | Reply

    i like your video, i use akai, and then mostly people use the formation 2 1 2, 2 top, 1 mid, 2bot, in the middle usually a marksman/ area hero like eudora /something else. and then wen i going to kill minion in the lane there was an clint ready to push me and the shot is really sick. the damage take more HP from me. so how we play akai well ? always look in map ?

    sorry my english is bad

  14. Noodlesfurlife | | Reply

    Yay new video, and I must buy akai

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