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Mobile Legends ULTIMATE Miya Guide (Best Build, Tips & Tricks, Skills)

Hello everyone! Check out my Mobile Legends Miya Complete Guide equipped with my best personal build for miya, tips and tricks and more! Miya is one of the strongest carry marksman in Mobile Legends! Make sure to try her out! ๐Ÿ™‚ Item build, tips and tricks, facts, and more are found in the video!

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  1. JDale | | Reply

    Hello everyone! I made some minor changes to my guides! Feel free to request a hero guide and I will definitely make it soon! Thanks for all the support โ˜บ Check out my alpha guide:

  2. Mikael Britschgi | | Reply

    So, my set for Miya is this:
    Haa's Claws
    Swift Boots
    Scarlet Phantom
    Rose Gold Meteor
    Berserker's Fury
    Blade of Despair
    Any opinions?

  3. Crocodile Guru | | Reply

    Are u a filipink ahhaa

  4. Chicken Wings | | Reply


  5. Krizelle Martinez | | Reply

    Taena pilipino to.Saluto ko sayo

  6. Aili Ortega | | Reply

    Almost all of the build is with me already but I use some items especially the counterpart of Tooth of Greed/ Haa's Claws because it helps me kill the enemy easier who now cannot lifesteal. But, can i use those jungle items so that farming is easier too from the early game?

    Thanks anyways! Miya is one of the best marksman I have ever played with and she got her bow struck my heart. LOLZ XD

  7. rayyan dicka | | Reply

    nice game

  8. Loldastrups Da Boy | | Reply

    Nice Video and Understandable language, You did A Great Job mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. ALTERN8_GT | | Reply

    I died 20 kills 2dies and 4 assists with Miya with this build…

    3haas gloves and any thing makes u super fast

  10. Akmal Danish | | Reply

    next karrie?

  11. Marhianne Barrett | | Reply

    Thought 1 click on the control is enough to attack coz its automatic.

  12. remia villanueva | | Reply

    i love how you put "looks beautiful" lol but it is true

  13. Ricky Qoirul | | Reply

    rene wee Jotosi

  14. Sar Yar | | Reply

    Merlin 604354(2001)

  15. Ghazali Gaming | | Reply

    This build made me get 15-20 kills if late game
    Fast shooting and lifesteal is OP

  16. The Wolf Mapping | | Reply

    sorry but i wont give u a like untiiiiil… u will say me what is the best ACTUAL build

  17. Roxsanne Maquirang | | Reply

    When on team fight I always get rekt cuz all of team members died and they targeted me can't get away lol XD

  18. Aeron McDillon | | Reply

    this video was helping me to use miya more easily

  19. ALTERN8_GT | | Reply

    Every time I use Miya.. I only Buy the things that rise my atak speed, atak, and lifesteal

  20. Reverie Metherlence | | Reply

    how about aurora tips and tricks

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