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Mobile Legends ULTIMATE Karrie Guide (Best Build, Tips & Tricks, Skills)

Hey! Here’s another ultimate Mobile Legends guide for Karrie! In this video, you will find everything what you need to know about the new hero marksman, KARRIE!

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  1. JDale | | Reply

    More updated guides coming soon!

  2. Superr Dryy___ | | Reply

    Oh my id:122337470(2613)

  3. Gaming with Stef & Amanda | | Reply

    Best build BRUH ULTIMATE

  4. Muhammad Amiruddin M Rusli | | Reply

    this build make me a MVP hahahaha

  5. Laurente Antonino Santos | | Reply

    Hi Plzz Guide me in Karrie y

  6. Linus Fritz | | Reply

    Demon hunter sword,windtalker,swift boots,haas claws,berserkers fury,imortality

  7. halehydra | | Reply

    i've been in love with karrie when i first saw the enemy used her

  8. Hiro Sama | | Reply

    I prefer jungle emblem set to improve karrie's speed.

  9. xDolphiN -SiT- | | Reply

    Very helpful!Thank you so much!

  10. pakundo santiago | | Reply

    thanks bro

  11. John Paul | | Reply

    I kill 35 players no death with karrie

  12. Devan Kalaichelvan | | Reply

    thanks man… just got her and she is amazing gonna try her out

  13. jemar pardales | | Reply

    thankyou for this guide ..

  14. Clemens Kristo | | Reply

    thx bro

  15. Ezekiel Colton | | Reply

    Why demon hunter sword than blade of despair?

  16. Rixzi Shannon B. Cruz | | Reply

    Zerbo16 is my name in Ml pls. Give me diamonds I subscribe to your channel and like it. Ty.

  17. RenzoPro MLBB | | Reply

    Whats aoe?

  18. Andrian Triwibawanto | | Reply

    Thanks, its effect is so unbelievable

  19. iDorphieus | | Reply

    Demon hunter sword
    Swift boots
    Haas claws
    Berserkers fury

    Thank me later

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