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Mobile Legends Ultimate Alpha Guide (Skills, Build, Tips and Tricks)

Hello everyone! Check out my Mobile Legends Alpha’s Guide of Skills, Build/Gear, Tips and Tricks! Watch my short subtitled video about Alpha! I hope you guys will learn something from this video! Alpha is one of the best fighter/semi-tank in Mobile Legends!

Item Build:
Hunter Strike
Warrior Boots
Ice Force
Tooth of Greed
Wind Chaser
Blade Armor

Emblem Set: Physical Emblem Set
Abilities: Arrival

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  1. JDale | | Reply

    I will be making more guides soon! Thank you for supporting me! ♥

  2. DaSoul | | Reply

    What a nasty rip off of Vainglory haha

  3. Spirit Albarn | | Reply

    Best tip for alpha is not to use him

  4. Artur Rajter | | Reply

    Thx nice tutorial

  5. Iqbal Mo | | Reply

    miss this alpha

  6. Cynická Obluda | | Reply

    And when i don't have arrival?

  7. PipoAlessandrace Salvador | | Reply

    Thank you bro jdale ur build is working

  8. Gorazd Malinovski | | Reply

    nice tutorial <3

  9. Enzo Sergio | | Reply

    JDale What u will use when i do not have arrival ?

  10. Yo | | Reply

    This is like Moba King's guides

  11. Deep Frost | | Reply

    Do Chou guide please and build 😀

  12. mcfly salise | | Reply

    can you do a chou build gameplay? and guide too. thanks!

  13. First Name Last Name | | Reply

    Kagura guide? pls po di ako magaling mag Kagura hirap gamitin. 😃

  14. Michael Villacorta | | Reply

    bro,can unols make a video on chou…tnx man

  15. Fragnitude | | Reply

    what editor do u use pls? reply

  16. Deny lutfian | | Reply

    subscribe my chanel too for mobile legend tips

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