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  1. Oh, No! Brasil | | Reply

    Nice teachings, thanks!

  2. Sally Chan | | Reply

    How did you manage to get away from attack so fast?

  3. andre assy sahar | | Reply

    its funny, lot of people wrote something like unkillable,and they suck

    while you only wrote this is as a tutorial and actualy have a good gameplay!

    keep goin bro

  4. Water life | | Reply

    Nice vid

  5. Jaze Animates | | Reply

    isit ranked?

  6. CAPS_Y | | Reply

    Is there a reason why you dont jungle?

  7. Justin A | | Reply

    17:2817:30 how did you just or boost like that ??

  8. hyper kőng | | Reply

    very helping

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