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Mobile Legends: Rafaela, Balancing Damage and Defense!

Mobile Legends: Rafaela, the Wings of Holiness -Live Gameplay-
KDA: 4-1-21
Build: Enchanted Talisman – Warrior Boots – Oracle – Winter Truncheon – Courage Bulwark – Heart of Steel + Flicker BattleSpell + Tank Emblem


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You can read my full Rafaela guide for hero tips and more on the official ML forum:

-Enchanted Talisman: The item was already a must before the patch, now it’s just overpowered. It gives you ok Magic Damage, 20% CDR and pretty much unlimited mana!
-Warrior Boots: Getting some early tankiness, a lot of armor we can’t really pass.
-Oracle: Good HP, some Magic Resistance, decent HP regen, 10% CDR and a passive which will give us some useful additional HP regeneration (it should make sure we are at full or very high hp when fights start).
-Winter Truncheon: Good Magic Damage and Armor, 10% CDR (now we are at CDR cap) and a nice defensive passive which thanks to our heals could technically procced multiple times in a single engagement if we get focused.
-Courage Bulwark: Good HP and HP Regen, it also boost Magic and Physical Damage, Armor and Magic Resistance of us and nearby allies (nearby meaning in “melee range”) by 10%. On top of that it also makes minions a bit stronger vs towers, they will be able to sustain one more tower shot before they die.
-Heart of Steel: Last item is flexible. Heart of Steel if vs crit builds. Demon’s Advent for generic defense. Immortality vs high Magic Damage.

Emblem Set: Tank, we need the tankiness provided by it more than the added damage given by the Magic Emblem.
BattleSpell: Flicker, much needed mobility and versatility, best pick for her imho.

You can read Rafaela tips on the full guide I linked above 🙂

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  1. Mindereak | | Reply

    Balanced Rafaela build, good defense but nice damage too! (Rafaela guide in the description!)
    Join our Community on discord: Free text and voice chat rooms to use when you play, find friendly people to play with, share your builds and thoughts on the game and much more! Join us now! 😀

  2. Roblox jam330 | | Reply

    You guys are like best friend

  3. iethgash narayanan | | Reply

    Any build suggestion rafaela as full healer?

  4. Kagura | | Reply

    I don't understand, what's with the Natalia that made you wanna wish more players acted like her?

  5. Raul Aldrovandi | | Reply

    io non ci credo… hanno nerfato il mio main tigreal ;(
    non ho ben capito quanto xD in secondi
    in cosa lo hanno nerfato xD!?

  6. Fernando Noguera | | Reply

    i need your help. i need a build for freya. i saw your freya vids, but if i go full damage i die easy and if i use some defense items i attack slow and dont deal to much damage.. can you give me some tips for get better? using full damage i get cuadruples kills but sometimes with that build i die in seconds 😂 so.. i asking for your advice because im not as good as you… good vid nice work and sorry for the Extended letter xD

  7. DJ_HAX YT | | Reply

    dude i need suggestion for u i watch ur hsyabusa and sun video help me what should i buy sun or hayabusa 🙂

  8. Nam Nguyện Nguyễn | | Reply

    Tanky build for mage isn't helpful because mages have low HP

  9. Nami Aca | | Reply

    +Mindereak what mobile app player you using ?

  10. TheGaming Carl | | Reply

    hey! nice video a big thumbs up…Can you do a build for Moskov Hard Nerf? Thank U

  11. Jeddlez_ Here | | Reply

    I just realized that Estes is more of a HEALING support and cant deal THAT much damage… While Rafaela can deal more damage than Estes but she HEALS less…

  12. jerry gamer | | Reply

    i have similiar playstyle,i only get the buff when i solo top but if i had a mage/support/adc with me i usually give the buff to those who need it.

  13. Dark Kitz | | Reply

    When I use Estes, enemy keep aiming at me first! When I use Rafaela, all ignore me 😂

  14. Fierce | | Reply

    hey bro ! , great video , I met you earlier in a game , Playing as Clint and you was Lolita and Miya , GG bro , my name was Fierce

  15. Innocent Dumpling | | Reply

    Rafaela needs buff 🙁 I bought her with tickets and I thought she was gonna be strong (not that strong but you get it). She's so slow too. I can barely get any kills with her. It would be great if she's a mage/support to actually deal some damage.

  16. Apple Juice | | Reply

    Hey, what champ do you like the most?

  17. Erik Rodrigues | | Reply

    Very nice video. ^^

  18. bryon anderson | | Reply

    I always stun those that get hooked or Yun flipped

  19. Ford Dela Torre | | Reply

    Nice vid

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