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This Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Build will help you get the most out of this close ranged hero. He has an insane amount of power when you utilize him to his full potential. Lapu Lapu does a lot of damage and very fast and he can be one of the biggest threats in the game if you take the time to build him correctly and take advantage of his strengths while keeping his weaknesses away.

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  1. VeNuS2910 | | Reply

    do they even know who LAPU-LAPU is? he is the Philippine Hero who killed the number one conqueror and explorer of the world, Ferdinand Magellan, long long time ago. i just hope the makers of this game gave the "credit" to our country. i don't know what our government will do about this if they learn about this. 😀

  2. GameR YT | | Reply

    0.40 fail😂😂😂😂

  3. Sillyguydefender | | Reply

    Lapu lapu is a fish. Lol and there is a philippine hero named lapu lapu. Lapu lapu is a fish!!!!

  4. Benedicta Gatus | | Reply

    isn't there any skin give away?

  5. Glice Dumby Said | | Reply

    Lapu lapu the philipine hero he kill maggelan the creator is from Philippines

  6. Vian Purnama | | Reply

    ur emblem use bro? n lvl?

  7. SickeningPotatoe | | Reply

    Guys Here The Build For LapuLapu
    1. Magic Shoes
    2. Magic Bade
    3. Bloodlust Axe
    4. Immortality
    5. Hunter Strike
    6. Haa's Claws

  8. Ганч | | Reply

    what runes and masteries in this build? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? / ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? / /

  9. Sana Games | | Reply

    my god is lapu lapu on a hunt to find magellan

  10. Ville John | | Reply

    Beast Master of DOTA. lol

  11. Eren Camacho | | Reply

    Gusto ko sana si Lapu Lapu kaya lang mahal marami dpt diamond.

  12. Viktor Smith | | Reply

    YO, you got the auto subscribe from me as soon as I heard that Logic intro. That's my man, but it shows you are on that next level. Keep up the good work!

  13. MrReptay | | Reply

    Just bought Lapu and its kinda lame hero 🙁 I am dissapointed

  14. General Spärde | | Reply

    kys nigger

  15. Mr. Nobody | | Reply

    Who is better lapu lapu or Karina ?

  16. Ronny96 khongsai | | Reply

    most of the items are all different any tips on that?

  17. Red Comet | | Reply

    That build, I tried it and win chances using him are so great that it made me win ranked games with ease.

  18. James Cervantes | | Reply

    IGN: Greedy Ninja 23
    ID: 24264327
    Best DJ bruno

  19. Germania: A Youtuber | | Reply


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