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Mobile Legends: Johnson MVP, Here I Cooome!!! Best Tank?

Mobile Legends: Johnson, the Mustang -Live Gameplay-
KDA: 3-3-20
Build: Magic Shoes – Dominance Ice – Demon’s Advent – Blade Armor – Bloodthirsty King – Heart of Steel + Purify Skill


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The new tank Mustang Johnson is out!

You can read my Johnson Guide on ML Official Forum:

Magic Shoes: Early speed to catch up to slowed enemies to stun them with our combo. 10% CDR is also very nice to spam our skills.
Dominance Ice: Amazing armor, passives and 20% CDR. (with 30% CDR your skills will have around 3sss CD)
Demon’s Advent: One of the best all around defense item + more armor synergy.
Blade Armor: Just a ton of armor, replace this with Magic Defense if you need it. Saint’s Refuge \ Immortality \ Oracle can all be good.
Bloodthirsty King: Get low, proc your shield and regen HP while you are in your shield by getting assists\kills!
Heart of Steel: Buy whatever you need more in your game, I bought this because enemies had a decent amount of crits.
Battle Spell: I used Purify but I’m still not 100% what’s the best for him, I will try Flicker because it seems like it can be good on him.

1) DON’T build magic damage items on him. His 1st skill scales off his armor and his passive scales off is armor too, building magic items is very inefficient!
2) Standard combo: Misslesnd Skill to slow the opponents + 1st skill to stun them! (while they are still slowed!) Remember they can be stunned by like this every 6 seconds but you can do the combo on other targets while you wait for the cd on other enemies.
3) Go in a custom game and train with the ultimate so you improve piloting it, it’s not easy to control!
4) Don’t worry about “spamming” your skills, you don’t need mana!
5) Your passive shield goes on CD for 1m15s before it can proc again, you can’t reduce this CD!

The hero is definitely good and fun to play + he has that unique ultimate! You won’t waste your money if you buy him!

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  1. Mindereak | | Reply

    Johnson is out, enjoy this crazy match with him! Do you guys think he is the new best tank? Let me know in the comments if you like him or not! 😀 (Tips for Johnson and the Build in the description)
    Join our Community on discord here: Free text and voice chat rooms to use when you play; find friendly people to play, share your builds and thoughts on the game and much more! Join us now! 😀

  2. Thasya Aprilita | | Reply

    ye best tank

  3. deyon arielian | | Reply

    Can we use flicker spell?

  4. Nicholas Wiriadi | | Reply


  5. Ijan Only | | Reply

    lol just got maniac with johnson.. The rocket is gooddd … When 4 people has really low on health

  6. PipPipHooray | | Reply

    LOL funny skills.

  7. Najiy husin | | Reply

    best hero ever..can catch dying enemy haha

  8. John Louie Pascual | | Reply

    hey mind, you have new johnson guide?

  9. Damuel Denny | | Reply

    Sadly johnson is on rework now i cant use him 🙁

  10. jake mate | | Reply

    should I get sun or Johnson? sun seems so cool cause he could solo. but Johnson is better becoz it's a robot plus Captain America. So hard to choose

  11. Apex HD | | Reply

    Mindreak who is more op in their attacks moskov or Autobot johnson

  12. Prashant Singh | | Reply

    Guys I have 32000bp and want to buy a tank.. What should I buy

  13. Aaliyah Caslib | | Reply

    what should i buy johnson or cyclops?

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