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Mobile Legends In-Depth Guide: Yi Sun-Shin Tips & Tricks

Welcome to my Yi Sun-Shin full in-depth hero guide!
Where you can learn how to play this unique marksman hero at your full potential!
Unlock the sniper within!
(and all that crap xD)

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  1. Omar ezy dude | | Reply

    Haas claw ?

  2. Syahir Harun | | Reply

    nice advice use your 2 skill early and show them who the boss 😂😂

  3. DANIAL BL3ND | | Reply

    Realy help full thanks man #likevid

  4. Satpam Komplek | | Reply

    As usual..
    A very nice and informative video you made Shinmen Takezo..
    Thumbs up for ya..

  5. saul navarro | | Reply

    9:39 look that battery.

  6. Dying Cat | | Reply

    That battery…

  7. Moba Kere31 | | Reply

    Try my build for YSS on my channel

  8. Chachizard | | Reply

    "Or securing kills.." Shinmen subtly highlights KS

  9. Garry Willing | | Reply

    this build is trash, build life steal so you dont feed, then attack speed and crit, and you kill everything.
    also if you cant outrun people just jump on them and all in, if you time it right you'll dodge a skill shot or end up in a bush and the moment they're in sword range you'll crit for 2k+ damage

    basically yi sun shin wasn't a pussy in real life so don't play him like one. jump on peoples faces and crush them

  10. Naufal Nazar | | Reply

    Where is the English?

  11. ᴡᴇn͓̽ɢʏ | | Reply

    Saber plzz

  12. MobileLegendMASTER | | Reply

    I thought he's chinese

  13. xXDeathKillerXx DOTA2 | | Reply

    Did you guys realize that hes phone is low battery??

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