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Mobile Legends In-Depth Guide: Argus Tips & Tricks

Mobile Legends In-Depth Guide: Argus Tips & Tricks
In this video I show you how to play Argus perfectly. You will learn what do to, how to have the best build and how to carry your team to victory!


INTRO SONG: AVSTIN JAMES – Backseat XE3 (Kendrick Lamar X Wheathin)
Link to song:

OUTRO SONG: Jetta – I’d Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)
Link to song:


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  1. iFlekzz | | Reply

    5 Dawn of Light Argus skim giveaway! Subscribe, like & comment ID to participate! Winners will be announced in 2 days together with the Zilong skin giveaway!

  2. Naim Khan | | Reply

    Skin – Argus( Dark Draconic)
    IGN- eminaim

  3. Kairu Animations | | Reply

    where do you get those animated hero art in your intro?

  4. SHADOW GAMER | | Reply

    And i tilted 4 or 5 games single handed

  5. SHADOW GAMER | | Reply

    I am trying to be a solo carrier

  6. ELASIRI | | Reply

    Whats song name while he playing ? The woman who sing

  7. Renum Kenshin | | Reply

    this isnt your video m sure

  8. Frost YT | | Reply

    BackGround Music Name?

  9. mayang walling | | Reply

    IGN:Ken walling
    Skin: Karina
    Liked and subscribed

  10. Dn Amirah | | Reply

    Well the cooldown is so annoying T-T

  11. Aat Rasyid 07 | | Reply

    Im about to buy Argus =)

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