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Mobile Legends: How to play Zhask (Pro Guide / Tips & Tricks / Tutorial)

This Mobile Legends Zhask Guide, Tutorial, Tips and Tricks video will help you improve using the New Hero Zhask.

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  1. Edible Parrot | | Reply

    worry about a good yss with his B

  2. Skytroo 50 | | Reply

    So turret's 2s beam is counted as skill?

  3. Joshua Pascual | | Reply

    My build on zhask
    Enchanted talisman
    Magic shoes
    Lighting truncheon
    Glowing wand
    Feathers of heaven
    Blood wings

  4. Joshua Pascual | | Reply

    My build on zhask
    Enchanted talisman
    magic shoes
    Lightning truncheon
    Glowing wand
    Feather of heaven
    Blood wings

    It’s my extra dmg build 🙂

  5. Dust spider BG | | Reply

    Is he will be good with inspire?

  6. Trina Mae Ojendras | | Reply

    I'm playing zhask I'm using him to push on torrent only and my positioning hide inside the bushes… sad most of my team mates leaving me they thought i can do it by my self…they don't know zhask is too squishy… still thinking what would be the best item build

  7. LORD HUNTER | | Reply

    I'm definitely gonna buy this mage❤

  8. LORD HUNTER | | Reply

    Today's game play was dope.q

  9. Charlie Keene | | Reply

    Video idea for your top 5 series. Best power couples. Like Lolita and zhask or cy and zi. If I can’t play with a whole team I like to pair with people who play complimentary hero’s to mine. Your thoughts.

  10. CWZ UL | | Reply

    Nice vid bro This actually helped me Get better with Zhask

  11. xTernaLightZ CodexSentinel71 | | Reply

    Haha, came to this video just to see if you had the same opinion as me on how to use him. Bought him a few minutes after the update and have been loving him ever since. Nice hero, ML. 🙂

  12. smuksir85 | | Reply

    I like how u made ur own intro and outro music bro bet your haters feel the burn with haha.

  13. smuksir85 | | Reply

    Thanks bro always informational and real AF..keep up the good vids bruh..can't wait fornur build guide on this hero.

  14. Erika Hernandez | | Reply

    I'm a legend 1 player. The hero really isn't all that

  15. pietro maxioff quicksilver | | Reply

    thanks bro i have zhask with win rate only 25.0 now i know how to play him now thanks

  16. Antariksh Kalbande | | Reply

    The position for Layla point! Thank u..Everyone thinks Layla sucks but u need to know where to stay with Layla really

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