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Mobile Legends How to Play RAFAELA? – Skills, Builds, Tips & Guide!

Hello everyone! Check out my latest Mobile Legends Rafaela Guide! Exclusive for all support players of Mobile Legends! This guide includes my own skill sequence, item builds, tips and tricks and more! I hope you’ll like my video!

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See you in game! Good luck and have fun!

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  1. JDale | | Reply

    Sun + Clint Guide next! ☺ I will try to make more hero guides soon!

  2. Lapiz Lapoppy | | Reply

    You didn't include how rafaela's 1st skill ONLY hits 3 entities

  3. amin rais isa | | Reply


  4. Nixon Lee | | Reply

    Guys sun scepter is gone. I think u can try to buy elegant gem so there's more mana

  5. Crazy cactus | | Reply

    Hey jdale ! The game is updated i don't where is the sun cepter ?? What can i replace it for?

  6. Shi Yu Chen | | Reply

    don't heal when enemy full hp-.- waste mana … unless u want to speed both of u guys to go a part of the map.. she doesn't have a lot of mana unless mana build

  7. Ahmad Istiqlal | | Reply

    "rafa'ela" cringe

  8. Lopez Jaspher | | Reply

    ithink sun scepter is gone now?

  9. james bond | | Reply

    make an alpha guide

  10. Insane Noob | | Reply

    Rafaela + Minotaur = GG


  11. Hanshu No Tenshi | | Reply

    ano gamit mo na screenrecorder??? pa link na rin thnx

  12. Dwayne Francis | | Reply

    alpha bro

  13. Chisa Kiryu | | Reply

    rafaela can also be a marksman im currently using physical emblem and items it works pretty good

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