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Mobile Legends Hilda The Best Hero? (Full DMG Build Gameplay)

Mobile Legends Hilda The Best Hero? (Full DMG Build Gameplay) So hilda is the new hero coming to mobile legends! and she is really strong maybe even the best hero in mobile legends! wanna see more gameplay?

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends Hilda DMG/CD Build
Mobile Legends Hilda Gameplay
Mobile Legends Almost pentakill!
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  1. BluePanda | | Reply

    42 KILLS HOW?? Hilda is super strong! (Btw giveaway winners will be announced next week)

  2. black mighty | | Reply

    Its like ur fighting AI.. They dont even know how to escape or back out when they are dying lol

  3. Lenon Dsouz A | | Reply

    Hey blue panda, a friend of in introduced me to your videos, and turns out yup are really awesome!!! One question but, since the appearance of the equipment have been changed, can you please name them for me?

  4. Mr J Gamer | | Reply

    Saying while using Hilda "All easy kill"

  5. Mr J Gamer | | Reply

    hilda is overpowered

  6. Deep Ram | | Reply

    (Sub and liked)

  7. Rahul Rajkumar | | Reply

    Id: 68371685(2120)
    Ign :Redeemer13579
    Skin: Cyclops exorcist
    Liked n subscriberd
    Thank you

  8. Ninja Strike | | Reply

    Wow, Hilda had mana before?

  9. Lailanie Espeso | | Reply

    Because you do not build some armour that is why you don't have mana regen too much😎😎

  10. adit surya | | Reply


  11. Know Better | | Reply

    i think his enemy is ai

  12. The Legend Of Minecraft | | Reply

    Skin:Land Of Dawn Argus
    (Liked Subscribed)

  13. Sky Tregobouff | | Reply

    ID: 83414078 (3094)
    IGN: AcrylicWave940408
    Skin: Argus – Light of Dawn
    (Subscribed and Liked)

  14. erayadam eray | | Reply

    Pls eray 08 30lv cao kostum pls

  15. danial afiq | | Reply

    Is hilda now any good?

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