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Mobile Legends: Hilda New Awesome Build! You Can’t Escape!

Mobile Legends: Hilda, the Power of Megalith -Live Gameplay-
KDA: 12-0-15
Build: Warrior Boots – Thunder Belt – Cursed Helmet – Ancient Ghostatue – Demon’s Advent – Immortality + Purify Battle Spell + Tank Emblem


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Full Hilda Guide:

1st Item – Warrior Boots: Early Mov. Speed and a lot of Armor considering the cheap price you pay (consider buying Tough Boots versus high Magic based enemies).
2nd Item – Thunder Belt: High HP, Good Armor and HP Regen but the best part is its Passive giving us a very strong slow which works extremely well with our skills (read tip number 5 below).
3rd Item – Cursed Helmet: High HP and Magic RES plus continuous AOE Magic Damage around us to increase our damage potential, it will work very well since we will always be in the middle of the action and we can also easily stick to our target.
4th Item – Ancient Ghostatue: High HP, very high HP Regen, nice and useful 5% CDR and it gives 60 Mov. Speed (which is a ton) when out of combat, this works extremely well with the Speed Boost from our 1st Skill making us fly through the map!
5th Item – Demon’s Advent: High HP, Armor and HP Regen, the useful Passive makes enemies who hit us deal less damage on the next attacks.
6th Item – Immortality: High HP and good Magic RES, it also gives us the strong Resurrect Passive so we can be more fearless when we go in.
Starting Item: Hunter’s Knife can be a good pick depending on the situation, it’s certainly not a must.

Potion: Rock Potion (Orange) from the Defense section of the Shop is always the best.

-Emblem Set-
Tank: Easily the best option, nice defensive stats and some useful CDR.

-Battle Spell-
Purify: You will always be in the heat of the action so having this CC break plus some Mov. Speed buff will be useful in many occasions.

1) The Fighter Jungle Buff is very good on Hilda, the 15% CDR is extremely useful to have lower cd on your 1st skill (so you can move around the map very quickly) and ultimate and the additional Slow works well on her skills. If you can get it, go for it!
2) Max your 1st Skill first, it’s your mobility skill which you will use to move around/retreat/engage so it’s important to lower its cooldowan asap.
3) Your 2nd Skill has longer range than your basic attacks and Hilda jumps to the enemy to catch up to him kind of similar to how Alucard does, you can use it to stick to your target. If you time it right you can jump on enemies following them even if they use their mobility skill (Moskov blink, Fanny cable, etc.), this can also be done by timing your 1st Skill hit correctly.
4) Always be active and moving around even if you are just in your lane going in and out of bushes to regen and get your shield, don’t be afraid to get some harass from heroes, go in the bush and get your shield and trade hits with them when you have the shield active.
5) Thunder Belt is extremely good on Hilda because you can get many activations of its Passive because your 2nd Skill can be used 3 times and if correctly spaced you can pretty much get 3 procs just by using it giving you a way to heavily slow and stick to enemies for a long amount of time.
x) More tips on the Full Hilda Guide linked above!

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  1. Mindereak | | Reply

    New Awesome Build for Hilda in a Super Fun Match! (Hilda Guide in the video description)
    My Discord Server:

  2. Zekrom Assassin | | Reply

    What spell should I use for Hilda?

  3. Sifat Siam | | Reply

    nice but can i replace something with blood thrust axe..cuz when team sucks i need to do some damage too

  4. Trent Kuffel | | Reply

    Your ULT Kill/Assist "10killsassists as soon as possible because when your ultimate is maxed out it gets like 10 times better" is that 10 kills or 10 assists or is that 10 combined EX. 5 Kills/ 5 Assists = 10

  5. saji RS | | Reply

    which should we use for Hilda physical or tank..????

  6. Rorontot - GreenApple - iHotdogs | | Reply


  7. Punya Gaya | | Reply

    Great tutotial mate !

  8. Illa Ren | | Reply

    extremely useful good job it helped me alot instant mvps in a row

  9. Fifo 16 | | Reply

    Bro thanks a lot for the tips on hero build… It helps a lot… 👍👍👍👍

  10. Chin Jia Hao | | Reply

    hilda can be support also can be not support to kill heroes

  11. Chin Jia Hao | | Reply

    First hide in the bush second if the enemies come use all skills to let it die

  12. Chin Jia Hao | | Reply

    hilda can hide in bush and recovering himself when he go out of bush she will get a shield last 5 seconds so you dont need to recall you just hide bush and press regen

  13. Fosty smoothie | | Reply


  14. Arvindh Subramoniam | | Reply

    I should say that this build is amazing. With my type of gameplay I tend to focus on fighter/tank and this makes Hilda one of the best heroes I can use now. I have been fumbling with many builds but this. This was exactly what suits my style. Tried it out 2 times and they were both excellent matches with me easily taking on opponent heroes that used to cream me earlier. Great one Mindereak.

  15. Bayu Siswo Wibowo | | Reply

    She's annoying

  16. AYOHAPPY :D | | Reply

    lol why is illaoi here

  17. Kevin Char | | Reply

    can see the player is one of those from toxic community

  18. Cγβεя•Zeck | | Reply

    Is the Thunder Belt have effect on Hilda?

  19. random nobody | | Reply

    Am 32 BP away from buying her and just got the new skin with the skill effects from this last season's reward but I can't make any more BP from playing this week 🙁 just saw someone play her and she went all magic defense against a full physical team I was choked when we lost but inspired to come watch this lol

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