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DAMNNN Here is a complete guide on how to use ESTES , a true support hero for once ! Really love the guy 😉

Live from Facebook official fan page :

Special Guest for Vol.11 Live Stream: Gemik #MLBBLiveStream

Special Guest for Vol.11 Live Stream: Gemik #MLBBLiveStream Live Stream Time:2017-4-12 12:00-14:00 (UTC)Special Guest: GemikCountry: FranceServer: 6004IGN: Youtube GemikRanked Match Division: Glorious LegendYouTube Channel:(Subscribe it if you love him!)'re very honored to have Gemik and his friends to join us for this week's broadcast. The session will last around 2 hours, and the broadcast content will be completely decided by our special guests. Our MLBB official team will also continue to invite players from all over the world to participate in our broadcasts, we will also provide a lot of support to make it happen! So if you are interested, please get in touch with us at our email at:

Posted by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I play on PC using Memu, check the video that explains how here (video from November 2016) :

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  1. jepreee | | Reply

    Chou has incredible control

  2. Samuel Costes | | Reply

    send me estes skin please😍😍

  3. Hi 2u | | Reply


  4. Ericka N | | Reply

    Can't wait to get Estes and play him, too. Would the build be different if you're playing brawl? I have the same question for the other heroes as well. 🙂

  5. Bae Wess | | Reply

    Rafaela can heal all heroes near her but Estes can heal only one? is that right?

  6. M3lon 12 | | Reply

    make guide for sun pls

  7. Crazy Beautiful | | Reply

    thanks Gemik for making the build video☺

  8. Aoki Yushifumi | | Reply

    i build him like this
    •dominance ice/eternal scepter – depending on your team comp
    •winter truncheon – overall good for supports and the passive is kind of strong
    •magic shoes – to complete the cdr cap
    •courage bulwark – more health plus team buff
    •concentrated energy – has a lot of health and magic power plus the 25% spell vamp for utility
    •calamity scythe/feather of heaven – for extra damage; calamity scythe for burst or feather of heaven for sustain damage on aa

  9. NightraidZ | | Reply

    basically if your team is bad you loose XD

  10. livethedream21 | | Reply

    Would guardian relic work though? Passive based on 2 attacking skills by he only has 1

  11. laetitia coubien | | Reply

    merci de cette vidéo

  12. Max payner | | Reply

    how much he heals, if the team is bad we're doomed, he's can't solo.. But if you have a better team atleast 3 players inteam is good confirm victory ✌

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