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Mobile Legends: Digger, Best Zoning Support! Guide + Skin Giveaway!

Mobile Legends: Digger, the Timekeeper -Ranked Live Gameplay- [Epic III]
KDA: 3-1-18
Build: Magic Shoes – Enchanted Talisman – Atena’s Shield – Thunder Belt – Courage Bulwark – Necklace of Durance + Flicker Battle Spell + Tank Emblem


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1st Item – Magic Shoes: Early Mov. Speed and cheap 10% CDR.
2nd Item – Enchanted Talisman: Good Magic Power, some HP, high 20% CDR and very high Mana Regen so we will never run out. Very good item which will allow us to spam our skills for the rest of the game thanks to the high cdr and mana regen provided.
3rd Item – Athena’s Shield: High HP and Magic RES, good HP Regen. The Passive periodically gives us a very strong defensive Shield making us a lot more durable.
4th Item – Thunder Belt: High HP and Mana, Good Armor and HP Regen, it also gives a bit of Magic Power. The Passive gives us an additional strong slow giving us more utility. The slow can help keeping enemies in range of our bomb and stuff like that.
5th Item – Courage Bulwark: Good HP and very high HP Regen. The Passive increases Damage and Defense of allies near us (it will also buff us of course) by 10% and also makes our minions more resistant to Turret Damage. We will also be able to give this Buff to our allies even if we are dead.
6th Item – Necklace of Durance: Good Magic Damage, some HP and 5% CDR (bringing you to the 40% or close to it, it depends on your Emblem Set Level). The Passive reduces enemy Regen/Lifesteal by 50% when we damage them with our skills adding some more utility to our skills.
Starting Item: 250g Boots and 1x Magic Necklace right after that.
Note: The first 4 items of this build are core, you can try different combinations with the last 2 items.

Potion: Rock Potion (Orange) for additional survivability.

-Emblem Set-
Tank: You don’t need the damage given by Magic based emblems, just get some added tankiness with the Tank set.

-Battle Spell-
Flicker: Versatile spell for added mobility.

1) The Support Jungle Buff is really not important to have, leave the buff to your team.
2) I like maxing 1st Skill because of the damage increase.
3) You can throw your Bomb inside a bush to reveal enemies hidden inside it.
4) The damaging skills Diggie uses while he is dead can still apply effects from some items. Some of the passive effects that work are: Cursed Helmet, Dominance Ice, Courage Bulwark, Ice Queen Wand.
5) You can still be useful while you are dead, scout enemies revealing their position to your allies, stop their teleports with your skills, if they are low enough you can even try to kill them, stay close to the action so when you respawn you are ready to fight!
6) Diggie’s Ultimate is extremely powerful and if perfectly timed it’s key to the victory in a teamfight. If possible try to use when the enemies are about to use aoe CC skills on your team, if needed remember to use it even just for the shield, it’s ok if you don’t use it to break cc.
7) 1st Skill is one of the best zoning tools in the game, you just throw it and it covers a big area that enemies will always try to avoid, you have to use it to your advantage. Throw it in an area to cover your retreat or throw it behind an enemy to make his escape harder. This skill has a very low cooldown with this build so pretty much you should always have a bomb out ready to explode making your enemies’ lives hard!
8) When you try to combo 1st and 2nd skill I found that usually I have better results if I manage to throw my bomb on top on the enemy and then activate 2nd skill on him. Using 2nd skill first and then 1st skill after is easier but I found that usually enemies have an easier way dodging the bomb.
x) More tips when I’ll write a full guide!

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