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  1. faiqal qisti | | Reply

    Wait, the old yi sun shin has equal dmg with both close and long range or he still deals more dmg with his glaive before buff?

  2. Candilal | | Reply

    How do u get those laser things to attack the enemy?

  3. afnee aziz | | Reply

    I got goosebumps..

  4. Varlent Alberta | | Reply

    I allways focus on attack speed if i have small DMG and have very high attack speed i cankill the enemy have high damage and small atk speed

  5. Jayonne NY | | Reply

    lol gave Freya the business

  6. jon danao | | Reply

    name of the song pls 9:00 mins thanks

  7. Soffan Hadi | | Reply

    Request the new Build Of SUN please

  8. Icession | | Reply

    Rip bleed effect they removed it 🙁

  9. Roronia Snow | | Reply

    Great guide and build thanks

  10. Muhd Alif | | Reply

    Still my fav hero ever. Best yet underrated. And i hate the fact that each time i pick yss for ranked ppl go crazy because they think this hero sucks when the fact that they dont even know or interested in using this hero at all. Such narrow minded players.

  11. Scare Crow | | Reply

    pls do gatot kaca

  12. Shiro Yasha | | Reply

    THIS BUILD IS INSANE,I useing jungle emblem and i hit the enemy with 1k dmg,good bye eates 😀

  13. Fire Fox | | Reply

    Finally this video

  14. Ki Mirul | | Reply

    I have used this build for YSS for almost a week and also been following your tips, and I have to admit: IT HELPED OUT ALOT. I keep getting Kills, less death and also MVPs. My win rate increased too. Keep making videos and help others ! Your videos are useful, keep up the good work ! Thank you ! +1 subscriber

  15. Shiro Yasha | | Reply

    What is the first song name ?

  16. Random Dude | | Reply

    Moba King i love all your guides and they are so useful but can you make a updated moskov guide? The fury spell is not in the game anymore i think so what other spell can you suggest?Is inspire a good replacement cause they both pretty much do the same thing. Thanks

  17. Pisang Monyet | | Reply

    Why his role is not fighter marksman just like roger

  18. A Random Gamer | | Reply

    Could you do minotaur guide if you can't it's okay but if you do it thanks 😀

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