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  1. Moba King | | Reply

    Don't buy boots, because You have Your skill 1 to engage or escape….
    Don't use any other spell, because they all suck for moskov….
    Fury is the best spell for Moskov…it's true, You don't need the attack
    speed buff at the late game, but what is with the 15% phys attack You
    get from fury….This spell helps a lot at early game, and at late game
    even more!

  2. Zekrom Assassin | | Reply

    I bought endless battle,is it ok for Moscov?

  3. Marksie Yanocski | | Reply

    emblem set sir?

  4. Ice Grimalkin | | Reply

    Make an updated build please 🙂

  5. One Pun | | Reply

    Ah yes the life of a tank

  6. EXPERT GAMING | | Reply

    Make tutorial on moskov in using phone because some item that you build does not exist in mobile legends in android phone

  7. Knightmare Dark Knight | | Reply

    Can you update the guide?

  8. Danish Herman | | Reply

    Can you make new video for moskov …

  9. Saumyadip Das | | Reply

    really good one dude

  10. EricPaulZ | | Reply

    Can you make updated build?

  11. Nathan Chen | | Reply

    Ya it’s just I’m not that use to be slow omg battle fields

  12. E Syafy | | Reply

    what is the intro song's tittle

  13. Kuroyukikaze Kanade | | Reply

    This was b4 the nerf is moskov still playable with this build?

  14. unknown ???? | | Reply

    Moba King plz make new video Moskov plzz

  15. Aashray Man Tuladhar | | Reply

    Whoo i got a pentakill with this build yay

  16. Hadi 00 | | Reply

    Thumbs up

  17. Danish Osman | | Reply

    Ty for show moskov build…. i love u moba

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