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  1. Anis Abdullah | | Reply

    thanks lol I got mvp in the ranked game while I got lagged

  2. TATAN SUGIANTO | | Reply

    I come from Noob to pro because this channel… thanks to moba king

  3. Ben Carvalho | | Reply

    I'm new and your vids help a lot.

  4. JRussel SantosDi | | Reply

    thats my build for a long time when i first played miya i changed her build with that build well thats a long time and that build is so strong for annilihating the enemies,buffs,turtle,and lord

  5. panda baran | | Reply

    I use your item build and i got savage using miya thank you very much!!!

  6. Norfatin Atiqah | | Reply

    guys, the song at 9:45 is "rainforest – cour" and next song to it is "it's different – outlaw" 🙂

  7. prinses | | Reply

    i must say u have a great choice of music

  8. panda baran | | Reply

    Work!!! Thank you

  9. Faura Fathimah | | Reply


  10. Zeldrix Caliliw | | Reply

    the best build ever.all of my attacks were critical in late game

  11. Kuya KIB Gaming | | Reply

    Sometimes it depends in the player

  12. Eya Tanio | | Reply

    Bc i wanna rule the world with miya lol

  13. Eya Tanio | | Reply

    Are you sure about this

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