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  1. GOKU- SAN | | Reply

    Your blocking the chat of your team are they saying trash talks???

  2. GOKU- SAN | | Reply

    Hey bro whats the title of the songs you play in the vid

  3. Euhaya Mayuki | | Reply

    What song u use on 4:13?

  4. frostdarkrai | | Reply

    Two quadras…? Y?

  5. Jack Collins | | Reply

    Ohh c'mon thts really not the best build. I used to play layla more than 300 times but still i have high win rate.

  6. Xiaovee Shelvi | | Reply

    10:18 just wondering.. why you shot there?

  7. Qugura Gaming | | Reply

    man thanks a lot i really appreciate for the best build.

  8. nicegregs | | Reply

    Scarlet Phantom, Swift Boots, Hass Claws, Bersekers Fury and Blade of Despair are essentials of any marksman, the other build is depending on you enemy composition

    Deadly blade- use only if enemy has a healer (estes or rafaela)

    Malefic Roar- if enemy is with TANK

    Blade of the 7 seas- if no tank

  9. JESSICA PETILLA | | Reply

    I got Maniac with this build for my 1st try. Thanks!

  10. Imraan a rahim | | Reply

    Hi thanks brother…how to get flickers spell skill? I cant find it

  11. T -sun | | Reply

    The gear is effective thanks

  12. Nathan24-_- | | Reply

    But what items do I buy? I'm very new to this game and I want to climb the ladder but I just don't understand which items to prioritise

  13. SALIDA MAT | | Reply

    You almost get pentakill

  14. Kuntal Jana | | Reply

    Realy u are good bro

  15. Divine | | Reply

    I really hate you Moba king. Your build always make my enemies suffer. LOL. btw keep up the great work on guides like this 🙂 Love ya!

  16. Paras Osihen | | Reply

    Build layla

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