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  1. Moba King | | Reply

    This is the best build I ever made, it's perfect for Lapu Lapu… Btw. I use physical emblem!

  2. Alaric Alaric | | Reply

    Tq for share this lapu lapu build

  3. Vikram Hiranandani | | Reply

    What's the name of 2nd song?

  4. Sriram Manthina | | Reply

    I tried this build and really this is an amazing build! I got MVPs with lapu lapu i cant believe it!

  5. CaNdY KiD | | Reply

    this YouTubeber..MOBA KING is by far the best mobile legends teacher.i have ever seen….
    ur awesom bro….

    ASS DAVE MOBA doesnt explain his videos…he is shit

  6. Dani Kedudi | | Reply

    This helped me so much. Thank you.

  7. maiby kally | | Reply

    Ich finde auch dass lapu der beste Nahkämpfer ist…jedoch benutze ich ein Cooldown Build!^^

  8. ANDREAN PRIBADI | | Reply

    I user lapu , iam no using spell flicker , but spell anti stun HAHA

  9. Khen Garmadon 12 | | Reply

    What is the song in 13:32

  10. Jovan Xie | | Reply

    OMG this build is too OP!! I was fighting with Lancelot, Freya, and Roger and win!! Omg. And my friend help me to kill Cyclops, Freya, Roger, and Alucard and lancelot and we win. Too OP man

  11. Jovan Xie | | Reply

    But how many Physical Attack in total?

  12. MeKrib13 | | Reply

    Very helpful, I voted for you before on ML as best guide. My build for balmond also I get it from you. Thank you Moba King.

  13. Punisher Druke | | Reply

    Guaranteed was too much xD

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