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  1. Trent Kuffel | | Reply

    Tank emblem?

  2. Terry Horner | | Reply

    It's really work. I got a penta kills after using this built. HOLY SHIT. Well done and thank u

  3. IzRyu | | Reply

    Moba king, you are a intelligent builder! Thanks it really works

  4. Johnny Ray | | Reply

    Please update Eudora Build 😢😢😢

  5. Hafizal Mohd Jais | | Reply

    Before this i lose when using Hilda but the very next game i use this build i got mvp with 9/1/6 stats. The build and Hilda gameplay is really helping. Thanks.

  6. Noor Iman Dzulkarnain Mohamad | | Reply

    i've been practicing with this build..n out of 124mvp i've achieved,50mvp i get is from hilda using this build..this build is the best

  7. Berkay Kuntan | | Reply

    Pls give me music name in video

  8. thành đạt nguyễn | | Reply

    What's the First song name. please

  9. Zachary Hines | | Reply

    Used it exactly as specified and loved it! Went 12-2-16. Hilda is one of my mains to begin with, so I definitely noticed the improved sustain and durability. Great build!

    Find me in MLBB as 'Phinnux' – looking for a Squad to join :).

  10. Malaya Last N Forever | | Reply

    What emblem set you used?

  11. JPM YTChannel | | Reply

    Your estes support is awesome

  12. Flippin99_AJ | | Reply

    Best build ever.

  13. theGrenlegen GT | | Reply

    i used hilda 120 times and my win rate this stuck at 50% after I watched this video I might use this build

  14. Angga Paul | | Reply

    finally im legend with this build hilda.. thanks bro

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