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  1. spyOx | | Reply

    Any advice on how to aim with him?

  2. Sylvester Nurmi | | Reply

    I use immortality rather consertrated energy but still thanks

  3. my nose bleed | | Reply

    what's the first soundtrack?

  4. Basil Vivian | | Reply

    Actually i am good in gord this will make me rigid

  5. Epic Rage | | Reply

    lol your e enemy is a big trash talker XD
    thx for the guide

  6. Silentkiller02 Zilongpro | | Reply

    i use gord and i get maniac

  7. Gabijus Gr | | Reply

    Thank you so much with your build I got 20 kills and 0 death in ranked

  8. try indra | | Reply

    Me from indonesia

  9. Zyrell Ace Deala | | Reply
  10. Al Hafizi | | Reply

    thankyou bro! you make me pro now hehe

  11. Max is Swag | | Reply

    The build is
    1. Enchanted talisman
    2. Magic shoes
    3. Holy Crystal
    4. Necklace of Durance
    5. Ice queen wand
    6. Concentrated energy
    Battle spell: Flicker
    Emblem: Magic Emblem

  12. Tailong Kingdom | | Reply

    make aurora guide

  13. burgers* | | Reply

    enchantment talisman
    magic boots
    holy crystal
    necklace of durance
    ice queen wand
    concentrated energy

  14. Yvez Mathrim Matocinos | | Reply

    To be honest I recommend Glowing Wand to be the 2nd or 3rd item for Gord. It's passive makes every skill damage deal 2/2.5/3 PERCENT of enemy's current health. EVERY skill damage. Add that with Gord's passive. He won't need Ice Queen Wand. Well, it depends.
    My build is…
    Enchanted Talisman
    Glowing Wand
    Rapid Boots
    Concentrated Energy
    Necklace of Durance
    Holy Crystal
    High Damage, High Sustain, High Anti Heal, High Speed. Makes Gord dominate a lane better than anyone else in the game. You're rarely going to use Flicker, and it's good.

    Do you even know how painful Glowing Wand is? I was able to take away Minotaur's health by 70% with a full combo with the first three items while he is in Rage Heal. You don't need that much CD. The first item provides enough. All you need is to properly aim. Have a good teammate. They can be tanks like Tigreal, Franco, Lolita and Minotaur, or Fighters like Ruby, Chou or Freya. Let them jump on the team first and then use Skill 1 immediately to prevent them from escaping. Then let your alcohol do the trick.
    Note: He also works very well with Saber and Bane in push. You won't have to worry about clashes that often due to the pure zoning potential IN EARLY GAME.

  15. -DarkLegend- | | Reply

    Thank you for your build! I have played gord with your build in this videos and I already got 2 mvp in rank game!☺

  16. My life is sad | | Reply

    I have my own build and gord is unbeatable one of the best heros in my opinion if you know how to use it. I got most of my game above 10 kills under 3 deaths and above 10 asists one time i got 30 kills 3 deaths 11 asists in ONE game

  17. Halim Muhammad Daud | | Reply

    Wtf 9:51

  18. Allan Macam | | Reply

    Gord is a perfect combo with ruby or tigreal

  19. Allan Macam | | Reply

    Best spell for gord is not always flicker, pick purify if theres many stunner or natalia 😐

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