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  1. Moba King | | Reply

    Why did I blur the chat?
    Here is what I wrote:
    "All vote for me in the youtubers voting"
    I blured it because the voting is already over….I didn't blur it fully, You can still see what i wrote…I didn't want You guys to think I was raging or saying bad words to the team, that's the reason why You can still see through the blur….

  2. Cheng Sangma | | Reply

    Thank You so much.You are the best,used this build for Cyclops really helped in my Match Got 3 Legendary kills in 3 matches in a row. 🙏 Looking forward to new uploads.

  3. Mikays ! | | Reply

    Definitely the "truly best" build for Cyclops! You're never going to get bronze medal at the end of the game, this build just kicks ass and people really underestimate you which makes it easier for you to annihilate them

  4. Selu Dicktionary | | Reply

    Dis man need more likes beacause of his contentAnd also he is helping other players to be pro and teach them the right way to play a certain hero

  5. Adrian Apura | | Reply

    I already build this, thanks for this build moba kind.
    BTW, I'm back to ask you, what song is that have um… That "into you, into you and me" ? What is that song

  6. Ruben Wiebe | | Reply

    1:12 what's that??

  7. Dink Khuptong | | Reply

    whos watching this lately

  8. Amirul Asyraaf | | Reply

    can this build still be used now?

  9. Cha Inoo | | Reply

    Concentrated energy is a lifesaver. This is close to the build I'm using, I will try this. Thank you for sharing.

  10. VortexYT | | Reply

    Next make a video on how to stop lag :'(

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