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  1. αχєlα Jr | | Reply

    you are the best useful youtuber for making as pro .
    thanks for your build it is really best build

  2. Bryan Ochoa | | Reply

    Anyone knows what that song is called like when it says supersonic?

  3. Triggerd man | | Reply

    If your enemy is facing to the tower close use this to make the enemy get closer to the tower but make sure u are close to the enemy. Use this.
    And there..the enemy will get knockback to the tower and boom! Kill em

  4. JE M BO | | Reply

    Subscribed i love this coz i bought a skin of chou and i dont know how to use chou but thx to this vid i already know

  5. Ongarand Gaming | | Reply

    Cause of this tutorial, I'm a pro chou now. Thanks

  6. nub127 gaming | | Reply

    Wow nice vid

  7. Martin Khwairakpam | | Reply

    IGN : sir martin kh
    Skin : chou skin king of fighter

  8. Cyber Samurai | | Reply

    Their karrie look so fed up

  9. Joker King | | Reply

    This build very nice and awesome for my chou ,thanks Moba👍

  10. Arvin KC | | Reply

    bushy brows sensei 8 gates opened

  11. Abdul Gofur | | Reply

    gimana caranya pake Chou biar dapet MPV.

  12. Razhard | | Reply

    Ur chou use emblem what?

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