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  1. frostdarkrai | | Reply

    How old is this video?!

  2. Azmi I | | Reply

    is this build still viable? Or there's new things/strategy/item builds for Tigreal Moba King?

  3. One Pun | | Reply

    Holy shit helped me alot

  4. Juan A Soto | | Reply

    Which equipment schemes did he used?

  5. Dradster Gaster | | Reply


  6. unknown ???? | | Reply

    old tigreal

  7. Bryan Boyd El J.Alexander El Hasting | | Reply

    Thnk u for helping for using tigreal

  8. Riffat EL R | | Reply

    Moba king , can you tell me the first song??

  9. Mr. Mix | | Reply

    Make the best build for roger pls

  10. n'diaye cheickna | | Reply

    Pls another tutorial fort maj pls(i speek french sorry for m'y english)

  11. PlasmaKr Gaming | | Reply

    What do i do? Now tigreal only has 5 not 10

  12. pek ling ping | | Reply

    Is movement speed important

  13. Ronnie ClarinJa Vrj | | Reply

    03:1303:16 you should let gord run like a rat and die by cursed helmet bought 😎😎

    BTW great vid for tank players don't forget to subscribe, like and share this nice German guy's vids

  14. irfan kemal putra | | Reply

    Moba..why you never choose corrosion scythe to support the cursed helmet's unique and add up 30 phys attacks? that actually a modded item from your balmond for mine aside of oracle/ dominance ice for the CD reduction

  15. Ayyub Abdullah | | Reply

    Your build is pretty good, but this video would have been impressive if the team you played against wasn't so N00b. Their Franco should delete Mobile legends and go play Pokémon Go instead. Also, when you were surrounded by enemies, they never tried to team up on you. You won't get enemies like this past Elite 1 in ranked. While I am at it, the Katrina player at 7:40 should also delete Mobile Legends…

  16. Rhodz Fuego | | Reply

    thanks for this,your always helping me

  17. [CLG] SquiGGirLs | | Reply


  18. Jake Paul | | Reply

    I feel bad for you cuz Fanny keeps stealing your kills.

  19. Lt Mmuffin | | Reply

    Could you make an updated version

  20. Ridwan A Purnama | | Reply

    hey tigreal and some item get nerf and his pasive can be triggered even not attacking the minions/creep(do basic attack to air) . can you make video again with Tigreal after nerf please 🙂

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