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  1. Aditya Ph | | Reply

    If you came here looking for some sun techniques and you are moving away becauz of the likes, then its ua unlucky day bru, u missed one of the best video relating the topic. Lol, i almost did the same, but when i read some of the comments, i thought i would giv a shot. N wtf, the vid was soooo awsum… Thank U bru, for making such awsum vids and also making it clear by pausing and showin us in the middle as to what to buy, Im kinda new to this game and it was of soo much help to me. Thank U

  2. TheLegendaryYang | | Reply

    Awesome vid I'll give it a try thanks but the problem is when Sun summons his 2 doppelgangers it has a time limit now I'm very confused to as you have the two clones longer than I did. Did they nurf him or something cause I got this game a couple days ago

  3. - iCraftThingz | | Reply

    Best tip ever at 6:21

  4. Alex Chia | | Reply

    Cibai indon

  5. Carl Canaya | | Reply

    the best video ever in Moba .. thank you for this video i hope more video about sun

  6. Tony Moctezuma | | Reply

    Hi Moba! Big fan of the music you choose! Hey could you make a tutorial with new update with Hilda and Freya? (Lean more towards Hilda, please). Thank you. And yes I'm subscribed fora while now homie. Peace out.

  7. Punkeng Thuga | | Reply

    Wow you're awesome

  8. Radioactive Trigger | | Reply

    12:20 , do anyone Notice that huge Monkey?

  9. Ida Donna Caya | | Reply

    btwm whats the title of the background song that started at 3:30

  10. Ida Donna Caya | | Reply

    im a female and not a pro player. i watched vids from bluepanda, iflekzz, demonal, etc., but never bothered to subscribe. your tutorial is waaay much easier to understand and you are much more reliable player than the rest. And, yeah, just wanna let u know that I subscribed. for the first time. โ˜บ

  11. Margwafingzz JKSA | | Reply

    …like this if you were about to try a new hero and of all the many tutorials out here, the one youve always want to check out first is Moba King vids. Man.. ive started to become a beast eith your Balmond guide. And then with youre Akai. Now this.. the fact that this video is outdated and still working, come on.. you might not have that many stars but youre videos turns a lot of players to legends. props to you idol. And youre the only youtuber that adds me as a friend by the way. thanks a lot.

  12. Xii Shar | | Reply

    this video really help for those who new to this game,btw thanks for u tips i got a savage using sun…now sun is my main hero๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  13. SAVAGE KING | | Reply

    Guys the build is haas claw,windtalker,berserkers fury,immortality,balde of despair and dominance ice thats the new items

  14. Adam Morkous | | Reply

    Bro, thanks for this build and for the fantastic tips, really helped now i won't suck with him ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. rozh diary | | Reply

    Really well done but what build is that or version

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