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  1. Louis Joseph | | Reply

    Whats the last item?

  2. Erick Salim | | Reply

    Dear moba king, please make a video again about best build for ruby, because its already have much update, and i think you must update your video too especially for ruby

  3. IdFc .14 | | Reply

    i loved the song XD whats The Name Of It ?

  4. Putera Sykes Aqmar Dr . Putera SykesMarty | | Reply

    what tittle song?

  5. Alvincent Abonales | | Reply

    wtf?? . haha. unbeatable guide?? . hahaha. im a ruby player, its better to use lifesteal item for ruby.. brain dude.. brain. hahaha

  6. 巫咪 | | Reply

    Watching that person playing Nana kills me…

  7. SAVAGE KING | | Reply

    Moba king please create an updated build of ruby🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻cause im a ruby main

  8. Satyam Kashyap | | Reply

    Yeah… Haas claw is needed… And… For Ruby I use: Magic shoes, dominance ice, bloodlust axe, 2 hunter strikes and some regen+cdr item… 😆

  9. Dave Chen | | Reply

    Bro pls update Ruby this still ok?

  10. Kurai/Kurana Ken | | Reply

    Moba King… Please update the build… Thanks and i love all your guide sir… It is truly the best!!!

  11. Jessey jeay | | Reply

    what is the good item for ruby then?

  12. Beimotha Hlychho | | Reply

    Bloodlust Axe is a must for Ruby…
    And yes, no Tooth of Greed, which is Haas' claws now😎

  13. Bramantyo Adi | | Reply

    That wasnt work on legend. Your guid Will work on master or grand master . If you reach epic or higher then your guide Will be useless

  14. Ryuzaki Lawliet | | Reply

    Noobs. Nothing is useless. Her skill give her lifesteal from lifesteal item faggot. Try guarding solo at top or bot and ur team doesnt have healers and tank. Then u will see tht her passive is usefull. 70% ive got a team tht dont have healer and yes left me alone. If i follow ur advice or iflekz advice i'll be dead often and late to farm gold.

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