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  1. frostdarkrai | | Reply

    I cannot disagree. Layla SUCKS just like Irithel in early game but when i see a layla and it goes late game, we're all pulverised. Both marksman (marksgirls) are dominating the late game with sicc damage. Also aren't Rapid Boots better?

  2. Hafizul Hafizul | | Reply

    Please update build for kagura 2017..please i want it

  3. Kurumi chan | | Reply

    Hey i just wondered if you have a aurora /ruby build?

  4. VladimirBriant Bantigue | | Reply

    In the new update of mobile legends what are the other equipments called. I cant find them

  5. Gabriel Valdepenas | | Reply

    What is the title of the first song ?

  6. michaella aya-ay | | Reply


  7. Skuzy zy | | Reply

    seriouslu? your damage is around 2k but not 3k. my layla if the critical strike at enemy will achive almost 3k.

  8. I'm not Itachi | | Reply

    Those equipment that u bought I don't have any of them yet why is that

  9. 恶 SCSA | | Reply

    Here i call it Pentakill
    1.Scarlet Phantom
    2.Swift Boots
    3.Berserker's Fury
    4.Malefic Roar
    5.Blade of Despair
    6.Haas's Claw
    It my best layla gear

  10. Kyle A | | Reply

    I have inspire just in case there is a charger or tank(early game). That or get rid of turrets really fast.

  11. Flamii | | Reply

    why u so bek XD

  12. KendamaPro Yoyo | | Reply

    what does OP mean?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. RӠXDJӠ61Ӡ | | Reply

    Actually I Didn't Do Any Of This I Just Do What The Gear Build Line… And What Do You Know I'm MVP!!!

  14. Hilda | | Reply

    holly DAMM,That damage tho 😂
    Btw,nice video man,keep it up!

  15. Muse Brush | | Reply

    hmm..i am newbie use layla, but somehow with experience in dota, i manage to got few mvps and 1800+ damage. but team 50% chance of lose due to idiots. layla will mostly got slain if no tank

  16. Chachizard | | Reply

    Kudos to your constructive comments for new players. Calling someone noob or stupid during a game doesn't help the person improve. High respects for you.

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