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  1. Kyle Ivan Bengson | | Reply

    You're me Lodi moba king ….plss make vid for me Harley

  2. Kyle Ivan Bengson | | Reply

    Plss make harley

  3. CookieGamerYT | | Reply

    Dude, you are the best at teaching people! You should probably become a teacher… xD

  4. Sholitotz | | Reply

    This is way more helpful than Ass Dave's vid I think

  5. _EteRnaLxCoRe_ | | Reply

    Dang it helped me alot 😀 I got MVPs using lancelot 😀

  6. Rezo Qajaia | | Reply

    man thanks i am so glad ! thanks

  7. Ryuko 23 | | Reply

    Wooh on 29 win streak ranked game using this build with 10+ kills in all matches . Highest was 23 kills with maniac. 6 times maniac tho. I need savage.

  8. Yen Gamerz | | Reply

    Wow nice vid man .you teach me all about lance with the emblem set ,keep it up

  9. sln _794 | | Reply

    Moba king tq i got my first Maniac and savage using your tips and build TQ 👑!

  10. Jonny Name | | Reply

    Bro your the best now I know what's the build it need and how to play with him thank u so much bro it means alot to me

  11. Adam Azfar | | Reply

    Awesome tips bro..really2 appricient your video..actually i learn play Mobile Legend since season 2 from your video..its help me improve my skill and ability..(except grook gameplay cuz i dont usually use him lol)hopefully next video can give more awesome tips..looking forward for that bro.. 💪💪💪

  12. zothan mawia | | Reply

    My best build is Bloodlust axe Boot of Tranquality Blade of Despair Berserker fury and Scarlet Phantom and Nimble blade critical dmg 1955

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