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  1. Mr. Einstein | | Reply

    Totally would recommend this build! I even calculated it!!!

  2. aku 630 | | Reply

    can you make a build for hylos please?

  3. TheDabbing Gamer | | Reply

    Very smart

  4. antstein nietstna | | Reply

    I just counter hayabusa with saber using my ulti just before he can teleport back to his shadow after he use his ulti on me. Or can a pro hayabusa able to dodge saber ulti???

  5. Azim Boboy | | Reply

    how to make sure you teleport the shadow in the enemy's body ?

  6. LavaSkaty | | Reply

    Which emblem Should I use for Hayabusa?

  7. Tong Yauwai | | Reply

    Moba my KING ! Please make a video for HYLOS the new tank pls thanks

  8. shahrzzn tsy | | Reply

    What type of emblem do you use?

  9. ItzDarkWing Gamer | | Reply

    Can you kindly give the title of all musics

  10. Jethro Valera | | Reply

    Nice Video But What Is The Best Build For Haya???

  11. Max Thao | | Reply

    I am just wondering, does hayabusa do good in the late game (most likely not)? If not the what do u do? I plan on buying hayabusa.

  12. jaypee lagman | | Reply

    T.y. for the info and the video…

  13. iJaL iJoL | | Reply

    best tuto. ever

  14. Assination Rex | | Reply

    IGN-Assassin's Rex
    ID-95328594 (2198)
    Skin-hayabus space time shadows
    (liked and subscribed)
    (Thank u very much)

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