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  1. Mark Taguines | | Reply

    you make playing ML fun and easy bro! great job! cant wait for another vid

  2. SKrate | | Reply


  3. Jay Sowayvy | | Reply

    Btw Guardian Relic is Holy Crystal now

  4. Johnny Ray | | Reply

    Please update Eudora Build! 😭😭 youre the best ml guru ever !!!

  5. hafiz hasfarizal | | Reply

    But with the new added item lightning truncheon what item should i remove

  6. Darwish Nazhan | | Reply

    Enchanted Talisman
    Fleeting Time
    Arcane Boots
    Holy Crystal
    Devil Tears
    Blood Wings

  7. Kalle Julian | | Reply

    thank you so much! i just played a game and won with a legendary with eudora! she has always been my fave and now im winning with her all the time. so keep up the good work on the vids

  8. Ouma Shu | | Reply

    Pls update this build moba king pls!!!!!! I main her

  9. Jack Merah | | Reply

    still noob but i love the girl with white hair

  10. cobaltcatmaster | | Reply

    Thank you so much.. because of this build video for Eudora I got 24 kills in one classic match using her and that's just crazy..! Keep it up and thank you once again..^^

  11. Anis Khaldun | | Reply

    Thanks admin 😊😊😊

  12. anthony reboton | | Reply


  13. Kurt CG Lozano | | Reply

    Use stun when Zilong use first skill and second skill to kill Eudora easily.

  14. Erland Hamantaw | | Reply

    Update the item pliz

  15. TheJjangjjang | | Reply

    Very detailed and understandable tutorial. It's amazing too!!! Those builds are awesome. Great videos!!!

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