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  1. Rainan Reyes | | Reply

    I can't do that because i am lagging everytime i play

  2. Redstone Zayn | | Reply

    Update of icon and name
    1.Swift boots
    2. Berserker's Fury (Blade of Destruction)
    3.WindTalker(Thor Sting)
    4.Blade Of Despair
    5.Endless Battle
    6.Malefic Roar ( Wind Chaser)

  3. TheDabbing Gamer | | Reply

    I wasted 13 mins of my life worth it

  4. Tyren Rarela | | Reply

    Should I still use Blade of Despair after the recent nerf on its atk spd and crit chance??

  5. Stepfu Pandy | | Reply

    I love how u explain why u use the gears for the hero in FULL DESCRIPTION!! I'm a visual learner so it really helps thanks for making these videos! Especially since…im a noob lol that's why I practice almost 24/7

  6. Syouqiy _Fsf | | Reply

    Can i change the endless battle to haas claw?

  7. DamnDumb Dude | | Reply

    I love your guides

  8. Alef Macedo | | Reply

    +Moba King update this guide like you already did with Layla will be awesome if you can do this for Us Clint Players

  9. Amirul Mohamad | | Reply

    I like this channel very much. There is lots of MBLL channel out there but this channel is so different. Not only you will get the best build but you also will get the explanation about those gear. So informative. Tq so much. If u have time will you make video From noob to pro using Natalia.

  10. Raditya Dito | | Reply

    I like That Song 9:00

  11. Fajar Marcelo | | Reply

    omg insane build i'll try it

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