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  1. Borish Zecie | | Reply

    thanx .. i like bruno .. but .. plz do upload .. for roger build .. also

  2. Wisudawan Firdaus Mujahidin Empo | | Reply

    Thanks bro
    I did farm as i can
    But at least i have a bad teamate

  3. NazGamer | | Reply

    Hey I have my own gear.It works and I have get Maniac.Well,it is getting closer to get Savage.Subscribe me and I will show you my gear

  4. Ziden | | Reply

    uhh what if its new ml thats the old items

  5. Brigita Klaudia Debora | | Reply

    What's the title of the song at 6:07?

  6. Reinerio Arshy | | Reply

    thank you for this build moba king, i got maniac after watching this video

  7. heryanda aqshadiova | | Reply

    enaknya beli karry apa bruno?

  8. Albar Monzon | | Reply

    Hi pricebek thank's for tips from bruno.😃😃😃
    I will subscribe your channel right now and I hope more subscriber in your channel.thanks

  9. Leslie Mae Unciano | | Reply


  10. N i g h t Core - Renz | | Reply

    I hate peoples who doesn't listen to me for example
    we are lost in score so I said
    "we can't beat them in scores let's push" they keep on trying to kill the enemy their so idiotic please remember destroying others base is the main objective of mobile legends not kills

  11. SF CR Gaming | | Reply

    what is adc??

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