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  1. Abdullah Bin Zayed | | Reply

    Im still a noob punish me onii-chan

  2. Rifai Nugie | | Reply

    Must try alpha! Thanks for this video

  3. sekar putri12345 | | Reply

    my trick is just press button randomly when theres an enemy

  4. Lynx Design | | Reply

    Alpha: "why must people hurt each other"
    System: Double kill
    Me: "wth u hurt someone >:v"

  5. Justin Adlawan | | Reply

    This hero is my favorite. I will try your build thanks i appreciate the video 🙂

  6. DJ Gamer | | Reply

    damn I miss this hero, when I started playing, I was always using him, I had my first triple kill with him before he was nerfed, because he was free I am always using him, I tried erning BPs to buy him then he wasnerfed. now I am always using SUN but trying other heroes but I have 2 savage with sun

  7. Bima Satria Tama | | Reply

    thank you Moba King, now i can use Alpha XD

  8. juan tamad | | Reply

    thanks for this info,, alpha user

  9. CoolGunner95// GunGamer | | Reply

    1:29 that GG is Moba King's Omae wa mou shindeiru.

  10. Levax Gamer260 | | Reply

    What is the name of your outro song

  11. Ajwad Titi | | Reply

    Hi Mona king I'm ajwad

  12. Francisco Javier Gómez García | | Reply

    Thanks Bro !! the best guide !, real healpme ! good job like and subscribe

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